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52 minutes ago, jsh139 said:

Is it back for real? Or is this just a glitch?

Isn't everything in 2020 a glitch? 

I hope so, and they fix it in v. 2021

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5 minutes ago, spudrock512 said:

As much as I appreciate what mfitz804 did to create the other website - this format is so much nicer and it is great to have all the usual info on it. Let's hope it will stay open. 

The other place wouldn’t have been made if this one didn’t go down. It’s staying up for the time being but I expect most activity will be back over here. 

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11 minutes ago, thebiggoalie said:

So this is where all the cool kids hang out...and Fitz. 

When I’m not with your mom. 


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30 minutes ago, jsh139 said:

They even put a new theme on the site. Cool. 

Dark black text on a dark blue banner. Not good. 

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Welcome back everyone

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