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  1. Go to Fitzy's, invite all to join/share/participate, lots of digital info on the horizon which I will be sharing for free with all...hopefully put an end to some of the repeated questions/quest for info, at least on yrs I've researched and covered - going to try and collaborate with best authorities and resources, create a go-to database (perhaps even an app), but all good things in due time Thanks to all here who've administered/facilitated/contributed - some jerky jerks here and there, but for the most part you guys and gals are an awesome bunch
  2. $180CAD ($145US) and there's your Starter mesh https://www.ebay.com/itm/224451463794?hash=item3442598a72:g:75gAAOSwT21gkuZe
  3. Yeah, similar to Pens, when the team switched to the new style, CCM/Maska was still putting out older style/leftover materials and jersey came with the CCM tag. Sometimes at a price, but I've had good success tracking down material through replicas/retail jerseys. Granted Starter mesh might be a tougher find, but snag an authentic size 46 at $200, sacrifice to the jersey gods, sell off the remaining material and crests/fight strap to recoup and Bob's your uncle
  4. It's one of the main reasons there are soooo many '92 Penguins done wrong '92 Pens win the cup - all gamers have 'Ultrafil' tags and the font Pens rocked late 80s/early 90s '93 they switch to the dirty pigeon, BUT still market the crap out of the old design **with newer 'CCM' collar tags, and **newer Pens font worn on '93 jerseys Soooo many Lemieux's, Jagr's....Penguins players on '92 jerseys with wrong neck tag and '93 font
  5. It'll all be outlined in '94-04...just curious how much peeps care. Thx for your input
  6. A few things happened 1 - '89-90, from small block to big block without NHL logo, NHL logo added by end of season 2 - Center Ice Collection starts marketing, '91 jerseys have 'Ultrafil' or 'Air-Knit' tagging only (Rangers are only team with 'CCM' tagging (and MIC, MIUS, Assembled in...but whole other ballgame) and still mesh) 3 - Numbering tag appears circa end of '91, new jerseys for '91-92 have 'em 4 - Circa end of '93, new 'CCM' tags started replacing the previous 'Ultrafil' or 'Air-Knit' 5 - Circa '95 size tags only in collar (for *some* teams) and those have a
  7. Rare patch, great jersey Simply curious 'cause the last time I asked I was met with some resistance - given how some collectors are "meh", while others collectors are all like "!$%*&, the 'A' on the jersey needs to be exactly 3" right of the logo and 1.35" down from shoulder seam"... ...does it bug anyone that this jersey (collar tagging + inside hip tag) is circa '95, but it has a '93 cup anny patch affixed?
  8. Why do you get the fight strap, but not the neck tags? The Rangers had made in Canada w quality straps, Assembled in Canada with US & Canada components, and made in US, and the latter two had crappier stocko FS I digress, but we've all seen jerseys with FS cut out and replaced...are guys ok with getting a cheap replacement since no one sees it? Why does it automatically turn to "bashing the fact"? But see, this kinda illustrates the point - we don't see the hip tag whatsoever, but we see the collar tag all the time, whether in pics or on display 98% of the
  9. N. Broten...because Aaron's on the bench next to him (A. Broten), and that is '89-90 season when the big block and NHL logo premiered.
  10. Wasn't recycled, Aaron Broten only played for the NStars in '89-90...just different sets, same year.
  11. But I think that just makes it better - '93 jerseys with '92 75th patches covered up...but can't recycle backwards, only forward Seeing different sets with different fonts/names/C or A, on the ice at the same time It just seems funny to me when someone states they made their jersey more accurate in one way, but either ignored, or didn't care about it in another way. Curious who cares and why, that's all.
  12. You got a better repro and adjusted the numbers to get more accurate, right on, but it begs the question, and I'm curious 'cause I addressed '89-'92 tagging changes in '83-'93, and I'll be noting the change to CCM tagging '93 on for some teams, in '94-04. Does it not bother you, and to all collectors in general since many people make this mistake, that the jersey isn't accurate for the patch (and in some cases the player)?
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