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  1. If anybody is still looking here… anyone have any luck/ideas on how to remove acetone stains? I stripped a jersey but there’s clearly some residue toward the outside of what I stripped. Tried rubbing it with more acetone and ran it through the wash twice. No luck
  2. mdwsta4

    eBay version 4.0

    Funny, I was watching that Hawks jersey too, but planned on buying it solely for the crest/tummies. Figured those could be donors onto another blank small block jersey I have. But the price it went for? Crazy given the condition of the jersey and the fact it's not a small block
  3. I swear hockey fans are being trolled this year. Jersey, USA, Canada, now these and TB. Just terrible. Even the Pens new third was somehow messed up
  4. Sorry, should have clarified I was referring to the jersey material. Crests for the Hawks didn’t change (even though one site was trying to say they did)
  5. So is there any real difference between the old jerseys and the new one?
  6. Shot in the dark.... does anyone have any green nameplate material? Specifically looking to customize a St Patrick's Day Adidas jersey
  7. Where's the pic of the 3 fight straps!?
  8. No, I'll be holding onto these. You can buy them directly from the Blackhawks store. Or at least you could a few weeks back. Price is $15 each (vs $10 for the old Mikita patch).
  9. Just got a handful of Espo patches that the Hawks are wearing this season. Disappointed by the quality compared to the Mikita patches. I'll be curious to see if they go through a few versions of the patch because I know there were 3 slightly different versions of the Mikita patch. Regardless, the gamer patches this time around are actually closer to a cheap eBay Mikita patch that I picked up a long time ago. The background stitching of the patch itself is almost identical as is the stitching quality. No stitched surround to the number this time around. Here's a photo comparison of the tw
  10. I also said stripes. And posted a photo of said stripes
  11. Don’t hate the Blues new WC jerseys as it’s basically what they wore in the 03-04 Vintage series jerseys. But if you think the construction of Indo vs on-ice shares ANY similarities, you’re smoking crack. They literally couldn’t be further away from each other. Hell, the way the stripes are sewn tighter is completely different. Exhibit A
  12. Turns out I have one final post before the forum shuts down. I'll save the finished product for TJP
  13. Geez, you got that right!! Never even thought about the age thing, but I suppose I’m a geriatric millennial now and have always used forums so I’m comfortable/used to them
  14. I did try the discord when it was first launched, but I encountered what you pointed out which was if you're not constantly on it, you get lost quick. Perhaps it's because I'm not a power discord user, but it was just non-stop scrolling because of all the activity. Made it impossible to find anything useful. I'll also admit I didn't give it much of a chance
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