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  1. I also said stripes. And posted a photo of said stripes
  2. Don’t hate the Blues new WC jerseys as it’s basically what they wore in the 03-04 Vintage series jerseys. But if you think the construction of Indo vs on-ice shares ANY similarities, you’re smoking crack. They literally couldn’t be further away from each other. Hell, the way the stripes are sewn tighter is completely different. Exhibit A
  3. Turns out I have one final post before the forum shuts down. I'll save the finished product for TJP
  4. Geez, you got that right!! Never even thought about the age thing, but I suppose I’m a geriatric millennial now and have always used forums so I’m comfortable/used to them
  5. I did try the discord when it was first launched, but I encountered what you pointed out which was if you're not constantly on it, you get lost quick. Perhaps it's because I'm not a power discord user, but it was just non-stop scrolling because of all the activity. Made it impossible to find anything useful. I'll also admit I didn't give it much of a chance
  6. Yep, but I liked the Kane, just wanted a size smaller. Had a 54 Keith, but preferred that ‘88’ on back. If Cat wore the A when they were wearing the Mikita patches, I might have considered him
  7. Probably my final post on here before the forum gets shut down. Crazy to think I've had 5 or 6 of these things pass through my hands, but finally found a blank 54. It'll be done up as a Kane to replace the 56 I recently sold. And this was more for fun playing pond hockey, but also matches the new summer league team I joined so it'll get a little more wear
  8. If the change is to crests guess that’s something else I don’t have to worry about as a Hawks fan. Nothing being updated there…
  9. Is there a specific fb group people are a part of? I dislike that platform and try to use it as little as possible
  10. Sad news to hear, but as it’s already been said, thanks for keeping it going as long as you have! This forum is definitely the best place/source/community out there
  11. Rad story dude! Love it!
  12. The group in question was a Blackhawks Marketplace. So not specific for jerseys, but for anything related to Blackhawks merch
  13. Sometimes I don't get FB groups... Someone in a group posted a Chinese knockoff jersey. Multiple comments stated such and the seller didn't seem to get it. They just replied 'that's why it's so cheap'. I reported the post to the admin who messaged me wondering why I reported something when I don't own the group and some people can't afford authentic jerseys. This happened at least a month ago so I wasn't sure what she was talking about as a link wasn't included and I'd never been questioned for reporting a fake jersey in other groups. Her response to who she was, was 'I own the group
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