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  1. I missed out on one of the Ducks District 5 jerseys due to a bug in the auction. Went back and forth with the Ducks organization, but at the end they couldn’t get me another jersey. Found the guy who won it, he said he wasn’t selling. A few days later he lists it for 4x what he paid. I offered him $300 more than his winning bid, but obviously he wanted more. I mean, good for him to make money I guess, but I’m still pissed at the auction since that jersey should have a permanent spot in my collection
  2. Curious if you read any of the pages in this thread since it goes through the entire process start to finish... Next steps would be using something like acetone/VLR/goo gone and a towel/toothbrush to scrub. Oh, and patience.
  3. I was never the biggest fan of this jersey design, but it's extremely rare to find a player with my same last name so figured it would be a fun set to add to my collection. Hunter McKown Team USA U18 from the cancelled 2020 World Championship
  4. In my experience with Adidas jerseys, yes. Not dramatically so (for the Blackhawks), but the MIC crests/shoulder patches feel like the twill backing is thicker or less flexible compared to indo (retail authentic) jerseys
  5. Finished up a second military jersey based on what Kane wore on May 1st of this year
  6. You guys and your RR’s. Nice pickups!
  7. Some, but not all. Same goes for the Kane 1k warm ups. Doesn’t make any sense
  8. Looks like a local kid's team design. So many stripes on the sleeves, but none on the waist? Also feels like the white on the sleeve stripes and crest, but not on the collar is a miss. Blank shoulders and I get what they were going for with the crest, but.... 👎
  9. Interesting. I know EPS does the Hogs, but I wonder why the change? I've been loving CSL's 2-3 day turnaround vs 3-4 months for EPS!
  10. Does anyone have any extra black Adidas nameplate material? Looking for two fairly large swatches
  11. LOL! Thanks ya b@stard
  12. Made an exception with this jersey. Too large that I'll never be able to wear it, but I wanted to complete my trifecta of Hawks practice jerseys and the price was right, so...
  13. I’m not the expert on the old Christmas trees, but it looked fantastic! I certainly wouldn’t have paid $600 for it, but the seller did appear to be completely upfront in the description
  14. Off topic, but I’m more excited about how many players are already adopting the new Tacks X helmet! Really looking forward to trying one of these once pro stock are available at (hopefully) less than the $500 retail tag. They look like they adjust the same way as the V08 and not the Tacks 110-910 so I’m crossing my fingers it’ll fit my noggin
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