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  1. Made an exception with this jersey. Too large that I'll never be able to wear it, but I wanted to complete my trifecta of Hawks practice jerseys and the price was right, so...
  2. I’m not the expert on the old Christmas trees, but it looked fantastic! I certainly wouldn’t have paid $600 for it, but the seller did appear to be completely upfront in the description
  3. Off topic, but I’m more excited about how many players are already adopting the new Tacks X helmet! Really looking forward to trying one of these once pro stock are available at (hopefully) less than the $500 retail tag. They look like they adjust the same way as the V08 and not the Tacks 110-910 so I’m crossing my fingers it’ll fit my noggin
  4. Mmmm.... whataburger.... 🤤
  5. Yeah, I really do want one of those. Would be perfect for ODR season
  6. So you put two and two together between forum names and Facebook names, that was me
  7. mdwsta4

    eBay version 4.0

    Any body looking for a Blackhawks practice jersey? Seems legit https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Pro-OT-NHL-Chicago-Blackhawks-White-Practice-Jersey-Size-Large-11-/284218915029?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  8. Hey guys, had a new run of Mikita patches made. $15 for 1, $20 for 2 shipped within the US
  9. Most players switched to 2.0 halfway through the 2008 season, so yeah, they were wearing this style when they won the Cup in 2010. This patch matches that. Thanks! As I said, I also don't care about the fight strap buttons either. The construction of the fight strap with flat or round buttons is the same. Or at least it looks the same when I compare both versions. Only difference I see is one side of the button is round and the other is flat. If they were constructed differently I probably would be more accurate about them. Regarding the hip tag vs neck tag, I mean, I guess you
  10. Wow, I thought I was picky about my jerseys, but apparently I’m not. Haha! Exterior details matter (to me) since that what everyone sees when I wear the jersey. Literally never looked at neck tags before so for the few decades that I’ve been doing this hobby it’s clearly not important to me. The fight strap buttons I get, but again, for me the fight strap construction and material is the same for the most part and no one will ever see that one side of a button is different. I also buy jerseys in sizes that fit me so even if I got every detail right, most players wore larger sizes so that would
  11. What tagging are you referring to? The Center Ice neck tag? The jersey itself is accurate for the era. Suppose I don’t care about tagging especially since it can’t be seen when I’m wearing it. If it was a big block no NHL patch or air knit obviously that would be a problem. But these jerseys (big block, NHL logo, ultrafil) were worn from what, 90-93? No different than buying an EDGE jersey back in 2016 and having it customized for a player/patch in 2012
  12. One of the largest mail days I've had in a loooong time. For the time being, I can say my collection is 'complete'. What may be the new gem in my collection, the original Reverse and now Retro small block pinhead Savard. Tried to get the old name and number font and sleeve number placement as correct as possible. Downside is the jersey is a 44 so the sleeves hit mid fore-arm on me. But you don't come across these everyday so... '91 All-Star Larmer. Ultrafil goodness to replace my old Chelios version of this jersey. Found a larger reproduction patch to more closely match th
  13. CSL next day. Unreal. Shipping there and back took longer
  14. Wow, this page! Nike dazzle mesh, All-Star gamer, and a RR gamer! I can’t believe Vancouver already auctioned off those jerseys. how many sets are they wearing?!
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