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  1. Honestly, they should be cheaper. I get the core players being priced higher, but the team has been pretty abysmal for the last 5 years. Prices should reflect that. $500 for 4th liners would be much more reasonable. Still more expensive than most other teams, but at least more realistic.
  2. Stoked to add a pair of practice jerseys to the mix with the new sponsorship patch Still on the hunt for a black one if anyone has any leads...
  3. Went back up to the mountains this weekend to try and find some ice. Definitely not as good as before, but when you find something to skate on, it's hard to complain. For some reason this 56 felt huge on me, even with a hoodie and layers on underneath. Now if only the Hawks will start playing as good as I look...
  4. Awesome project! Would love to do this exact jersey one of these days
  5. Man, I wish Hawks were anywhere near this inexpensive!! The cheapest you'll find, even if it's a traded player is $800 directly from the team. It's insane
  6. Looking for LA Kings shoulder patch and Burger King Crest....
  7. mdwsta4

    eBay version 4.0

    I have gone to nearly two dozen Ross and TJ Maxx stores over the last month and have not seen a single Adidas hockey jersey (MIC or Indo). I don't get where people are finding them all. Never again am I going to waste my time at those stores. I wasn't trying to resell, but wanted to use them for projects and/or to strip and play in. Now if I were a football collector I came across dozens of blank Nike football jerseys in just about every color combo you can think of
  8. Second. Such a unique design
  9. Yep, I’ve got a few of them in the early days from PSH. Downside is the teams they have and some of the sizes (still hunting for a grey/white or white/grey in sizes 54/56 to strip). Have also bought countless gloves, pants, shells, and sticks from them to play in. Meigray has 56 grey oilers, but at $130 plus shipping its a no go. Those jerseys should be $75-ish like they are when PSH runs a sale
  10. Thank you! They Hawks used to be sponsored by Athletico with Reebok and the first year or two of Adidas, but now they're sponsored by SRM. There should be a sticker with a date on the inside tag of the jersey. They fall off after a wash, but on brand new jerseys they should still be there. Look something like this:
  11. Still waiting on three major arrivals, but there are a few small things trickling in. Team issued practice jersey with a born on date of August 2020. Surprised it wasn't older stock. I do have sponsorship patches to sew on, but am debating if I'm going to have a player put on it or simply leave it blank Saw a few whites go on Ebay the other week for $150-300. Wonder if these are starting to trickle into discount stores like the Kings/Avs SS jerseys?
  12. Nothing will ever beat ultrafil jerseys
  13. I definitely prefer the cut, and perhaps more importantly, the collars(!!) of Edge jerseys. The material I’ve grown to become ambivalent between 2.0 and adizero and it’s either a diaper bottom or oddly swooping stripes so I’d say that’s a wash too. The one thing I have learned to like more with Adidas jerseys are the dimples. Not the shoulder yolk design or how high up the shoulder (neck) patches are, but the dimples do give the jersey depth that I think is pretty cool from a visual standpoint
  14. Funny, I think the Stars is one of the lowest on the list, especially when you look at the full uni. Right next to Detroit. Devils I like the concept, but don't understand why the crest is placed on the stomach instead of the chest. If they simply moved it up it would look so much better. Avs and Yotes definitely did it right and I'd be open to buying gamers of either of those. I'm not a fan of the Blackhawks (was hoping for a reverse barber pole), but depending on pricing, I might buy a gamer. Either way, total cash grab and while a few designs stand out, most are pretty bad (red Bl
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