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  1. Whoever that guy is, I heard he’s a jerk! 😁 BTW, if anyone is interested, I would do much better dealing directly with you.
  2. I guessed. It would make the most sense. #3 was available at the start of the season and #33 was used by Marc Savard. Those were the only numbers he had used at that point of his NHL career. I might be wrong, but I have been looking for over a year now with no luck, so if someone can prove it to be wrong, I can always change it. Now I need to figure out the number he wore for the Lightning in the 1999-2000 season in which he had a professional tryout from 9/2/99 - 9/13/99. I have the jerseys, just need to know what to customize it with. It gets a little confusing because #3 was Gusev, #33
  3. You convinced me. I got one for $180 + shipping.
  4. Did anyone here buy one of the LA. King Staduim Series jerseys? Just wondering if they are legit MIC jerseys, not like the All-Star MIC jersey that came out at retail stores but were weird styled jerseys. Didn't they not have fight straps or double elbows or something like that? Just wanted to make sure these were the real thing. They look like it, but if I decide to "waste" money on one, I want to make sure it is legit.
  5. I guess I can’t confirm it was them, I guess I figured they did it. When did CSL become the Hawks customizer?
  6. Based on what those look like, I think it should be easy for CSL to do them. Here is a training camp jersey I just got from the Hawks: Everything is screened on and it has the two layer appearance for the numbers like the Eagles had. It is at least worth a shot.
  7. I'm bumping this back up. Does anyone know a website that shows preseason rosters. I am still trying to put together some Zalapski jerseys from the end of his career when he was a non-roster try-out invitee. The Rangers he was actually signed to a contract prior to the season, but was their final cut going into the 1998-99 regular season. For the 1999-2000 season, we was with the Tampa Bay Lightning from 9/2/99 - 9/13/99 before he was cut (he later played 12 games with the Flyers that year). I know he was #6 when he tried out for the Canucks in 2002. If I could get confirmation on both t
  8. I curious to know what was said as well.
  9. QueenAnnesRevenge has a couple of Rangers Jagr's that he has listed for sale...unless they have already been sold.
  10. I sent the guy a question, "didn't this sell yesterday?" He replied, "It is still available! The price was wrong on it before! That’s why it was re listed! Are you interested?" I said, "So did it sell and they just didn't pay? Or was it removed before it sold and relisted." I of course know that answer to that question, I was just curious what his response would be. He said, "It was sold and re listed after I noticed the price mistake. Let me know if you are interested still or want to make an offer. Comps have sold for way over the asking price! In which I replied, "So it
  11. Anyone have a 1996 Stanley Cup Patch? I am not really liking the look of the ones on eBay.
  12. Looking for a few jerseys for my Zarley Zalapski collection. (Size 50-54 preferred) Any Zarley Zalpski Game Worn Jerseys 1989-91 Hartford Whalers Home or Away - either Mesh or Ultrafil, no Air-Knit 1991-1993 Calgary Flames Home White 1994-1998 Calgary Flames Home White 1999-2000 Philadelphia Flyers Road Orange (The one with the CCM and Silver NHL on back hem) Early 2000's KOHO Vancouver Canucks Navy Jersey (The one without the stick-in-the-rink shoulder patches) I am also looking for the following jerseys not ZZ related: 1987-89 Chicago Blackhawks Home W
  13. I wondered if there are any Blackhawks Fan out there that can give me a hand in putting a date on a training camp jersey I just received. Size 56, everything heat pressed, super rubbery vinyl. Name is pressed on an air-knit nameplate, sewn to the jersey. Petri Kontiola was a 7th round draft pick, 196 overall in the 2004 draft. Played only 12 games for the Hawks in the 2007-08 season. Played mostly in the KHL, and was on the Finland 2018 Olympic Team scoring 2 goals and 4 assists for 6 point in 5 games. I could find any Blackhawks info on these Jofa jerseys, but I did see a 2
  14. Nothing too exciting, but a good add for my Hawks collection. 1994-95 Eddie Belfour Chicago Blackhawks Away Jersey Size 52 The Nameplate is cut a little narrow on the edges, and the back '3' is a little wonky, but the jersey is in great condition.
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