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  1. I just need the older style Whalers (green and white) and the Flames white 1995-1999 style for NHL jerseys. I also need a 2004-05 Kalamazoo Wings and I will have at least one of his North American team jersey he used. I would like to get his 1988 Canada Olympic style too. I though I had one that would work, but it was an airknit, and he used an Ultrafil. I will not get his overseas jersey - even that is too much for me to bother with. Here is a link to my Zalapski Flickr page if anyone want to check them out: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149993333@N06/albums/72157712437353052
  2. One more ZZ before we close down the site...The last flyers one I needed: 1999-2000 Zarley Zalapski Philadelphia Flyers Authentic Away Jersey
  3. mfitz804, could you post a direct link to the ProBoard page? I will start to convert back over to that one. I'm sure it is probably easy to find, but I think it could be helpful to those that just want to click a link and save the page to their broswer. Thanks!
  4. There...that looks better!
  5. There is not much honestly. I have every North American team other than a short stint with the Kalamazoo Wings in 2004-2005. I do still need a Flyers Orange 1999-2000 jersey and a Flames 1994-1998 White Jersey. And don't get me started trying to find a White or Green Whalers from his time from 1990-1992 (before the switch to the Navy & White Whalers).
  6. Well...the drop shadow is on wrong...back to the sewing room. Ugh!!!
  7. A couple more the the Zalapski Collection and a Blackhawks College jersey: 1999-2000 Zarley Zalapski Long Beach Ice Dogs Authentic Home Jersey (This one too a lot of work to figure out what number he wore for the 7 games he played before getting traded to Utah - but we a lot of help, we were finally able to track it down) 1999-2000 Zarley Zalapski Utah Grizzlies Authentic Away Jersey 2019-20 Ian Mitchell University of Denver Pioneers Alternate Jersey
  8. Did anyone buy one of the SRM patches mdwsta4 had made up? He is out, but I am looking for another red one. Anyone get one that they don't have use for it?
  9. AND OF COURSE HE GETS TRADED!!!!🤬 I have the jersey a month and a half and now he is a former Hawk! I bought it because I thought he had a good future with the team! UGH!!!
  10. Good News!!! I received Zalapski was #3 with the Long Beach ice Dogs. Below is a roster sheet for the teams that shows this. That only leaves the Lightning I need to find!
  11. Not really best thing to say to an area director of Special Olympics. 👍
  12. I made some - I couldn't find them anywhere - so I have 3 more...just in case.
  13. I have been through all of that. Here is what I have for both teams: Zarley signed a PTO with the Tampa Bay Lightning on September 1st, 1999. In a training camp game, he wore #2 for the Red Team in a training camp game, but three other players were also assigned #2 for those camp games. On September 11th & September 12th he played in Preseason games vs the Carolina Hurricanes. Zalapski was released from the Tampa Bay Lightning on September 13, 1999 The next day, he signed a 25 game contract with the Long Beach Ice Dogs On October 9th 1999, the Utah Grizzlies played Lo
  14. For the amount of research I have done just to find out the number he wore (still with no luck) has be crazy. I'm even in communication with the Ice Dogs former announcer who is talking to their old trainer to see if they have any info. If only I put this much effort into my work...
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