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  1. AND OF COURSE HE GETS TRADED!!!!🤬 I have the jersey a month and a half and now he is a former Hawk! I bought it because I thought he had a good future with the team! UGH!!!
  2. Good News!!! I received Zalapski was #3 with the Long Beach ice Dogs. Below is a roster sheet for the teams that shows this. That only leaves the Lightning I need to find!
  3. Not really best thing to say to an area director of Special Olympics. 👍
  4. I made some - I couldn't find them anywhere - so I have 3 more...just in case.
  5. I have been through all of that. Here is what I have for both teams: Zarley signed a PTO with the Tampa Bay Lightning on September 1st, 1999. In a training camp game, he wore #2 for the Red Team in a training camp game, but three other players were also assigned #2 for those camp games. On September 11th & September 12th he played in Preseason games vs the Carolina Hurricanes. Zalapski was released from the Tampa Bay Lightning on September 13, 1999 The next day, he signed a 25 game contract with the Long Beach Ice Dogs On October 9th 1999, the Utah Grizzlies played Lo
  6. For the amount of research I have done just to find out the number he wore (still with no luck) has be crazy. I'm even in communication with the Ice Dogs former announcer who is talking to their old trainer to see if they have any info. If only I put this much effort into my work...
  7. There are two i'm working on, but I can't figure out what number he wore: 1999-2000 Tampa Bay Lightning. In camp for a PTO for two weeks, played in two preseason games on 9/11/99 & 9/12/99, cut the next day. 1999-2000 Long Beach Ice Dogs. Played for 7 games before getting traded top the Utah Grizzlies. I have both jerseys, but trying to find the numbers has been a pain in my a$$!
  8. On to Zarley's IHL Years... 1999-2000 Zarley Zalapski Utah Grizzlies Authentic Home Jersey 2000-2001 Zarley Zalapski Houston Aeros Game Used Away Jersey. I received this jersey as a game used jersey with the nameplate removed. Three players wore #6 that year, Zalapski being one of those. Had EPS add the nameplate.
  9. Hawks use White as their no contact color. They practice in Red and Black jerseys.
  10. I got my invoice today!!! I should get the jerseys on Monday!
  11. Meigray confirmed the Salo preseason jersey it was sold to one of them. Since they didn't have record of a Zalapski, it was determined the Salo was more than likely the recycled Zalapski, because he played in a preseason game right after being traded to the Canucks and Zarley being cut.
  12. I know many times, they word the cards in a specific way to allow them to have a player put on a jersey and then use that jersey. They are not necessarily "game worn" but they are "player worn". In some of the older jersey cards, it says that the jersey was game worn, but may not be worn by that player. Regardless - It was and still is super shady.
  13. The last NHL style Zarley would ever wear... 2002-03 Zarley Zalapski Vancouver Canucks Authentic Away Preseason Jersey Sad story about his gamer for this season. Meigray did the jerseys for the 2002-03 season. They never had a listing for him. So after a bit of research, Zalapski was released the same day the Canucks traded for Sami Salo. They both wore #6. More than likely, this jersey was recycled to a Salo after the trade. That jerseys was later sold to a card company to and was cut up to put into cards. The last Zarley Zalapski NHL game used jersey, is now in a bunch of swatc
  14. I think this one looks right. I could be a production run late in the season. Or maybe one they made at the end of the year before the confirmation of the new style that came out the next season.
  15. Searching for a Hartford Whalers 90-91 Mesh or 91-92 Ultrafil. Looking for either the Mesh or the Ultrafil, not Air-Knit. White or Green are fine, but prefer the green. Original authentics only, no remakes. Size doesn't matter much, but around a 52 would be great. Prefer blank, but will take whatever I can find.
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