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  2. Like I said, someone forgot to hit the switch lol.
  3. Maybe an angel investor swooped in at the zero hour?
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  6. See you guys around. It’s been a trip. Happy we can still maintain a forum on Fitz’s site for now. I still avoid Facebook but I do have FB messenger, so I’m sure I’ll still be in touch with a handful of you. Thanks again to IceJerseys and Sportsbuff for making this forum possible for so long. It was an amazing resource for well over a decade.
  7. Later homies. Thanks for the memories and the helpful information to help my addiction.
  8. jsh139


    Meigray’s summer sale begins at 5pm today. MeiGray's 2021 Summer Sale Begins Friday, July 30 SALE PRICES WILL BE HONORED BEGINNING AT 5PM ET MEIGRAY’S 2021 SUMMER SALE Terms and Conditions - Please Read Carefully · Sale ends Monday, Septem
  9. Turns out I have one final post before the forum shuts down. I'll save the finished product for TJP
  10. @PensJerseys There's a handful of users older than you
  11. Time for my last post. It's been a really good time, it was really nice to get acquainted with so many of you. Years of enjoyment, looking at pictures of other people's stuff, and being jealous over same. It's been a lot of fun I'll never forget any of you, and hopefully we cross paths again sometime. That's what she said.
  12. It is sad....on Discord server I'm seriously the second oldest guy around. 36. Are you kidding me!? lol... @guam64 way to finish strong, duder. 😅
  13. Geez, you got that right!! Never even thought about the age thing, but I suppose I’m a geriatric millennial now and have always used forums so I’m comfortable/used to them
  14. This is absolutely spot on. IIRC, Discord was originally created for gamers to live chat with each other while gaming. It really is a pain to follow when a server has literally 1000+ users and dozens of different channels within the server. I find Reddit frustrating as well. Even non-jersey collecting reddit doesn't appeal to me all that much for the exact same reasons as you posted. Not only that, but due to the upvoting feature a lot of nonsense gets constantly kicked to the top. It's funny how 10 or so years ago forums were still very much a thing but now they have become prac
  15. When this forum officially closes, I’ll still go wherever Guam goes.
  16. Unfortunately, it seems like forums just don't appeal to the younger crowd. We've shifted from organizing content to simply throwing thoughts out there, consuming it, then throwing away again. That's all Discord is - a stream of thought conversation. It's almost impossible to actually save information. Reddit, on the other hand, is a tell-me-again platform. From what I've used of it, generally it's the same questions/answers getting posted again and again and again (and no one will search). On a forum, that type of behavior is discouraged. I haven't been too active here recently
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