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  2. Never say never, I just shipped you 3 dozen doughnuts.
  3. Made an exception with this jersey. Too large that I'll never be able to wear it, but I wanted to complete my trifecta of Hawks practice jerseys and the price was right, so...
  4. They just come up with something random and put it on a jersey. If Nike made the NHL jerseys, next year the Boston jersey would have a two guys a girl and a pizza place theme. A jersey with Ryan Reynolds' face screenprinted on the front ? ...... it will sell, oh it will sell! And Nike would say: Hey. the show was in Boston and Ryan is Canadian, what more do you want!! this IS as hockey related as you can get!
  5. i was gonna send my x-mas devils jersey to them, was gonna be a Hall...... but thought, nah, i will wait till covid is over. thank you covid-19 !! 😅 but now a huge problem, noone to put on that jersey 😒
  6. Not specifically. The colors and font are a reference to the Boston Marathon finish line.
  7. And my 10th patches are better than that one.
  8. It is an excellent recreation. I just don’t think a recreation is worth the price paid. Especially having had one of those blanks in hand, not great quality.
  9. I’m not the expert on the old Christmas trees, but it looked fantastic! I certainly wouldn’t have paid $600 for it, but the seller did appear to be completely upfront in the description
  10. That would be your size, wouldn’t it.
  11. Last week
  12. Seriously, If anyone knows where I can get a quality NHL badge added to a big block CCM that doesn't have one, I'd appreciate a PM I want my white Marty rookie!
  13. I’m going to make a MFitz jersey in hopes he gets traded from the IceJerseys forum. It will likely be a size “goalie style XXLJerk”.
  14. Maybe whoever bought it didn’t read the description? Edit: yeah, it sounds like we’re all thinking along the same lines.
  15. I had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Cory Schneider jerseys there when he was released (Devils, two USA, All Star). I believe I had a Jagr there when he was dispatched as well. So it does happen. I only have one there now, and it’s a Hedberg for my goalie collection. So he’s already long gone.
  16. That’s actually kind of surprising as you typically go for the vintage players. But, I can see it happening as you seem to always have something there waiting for customization 😂
  17. I believe that is one of those uncrested jerseys that have been on eBay. In fact, I believe I purchased it, along with that crest, and sold those two project parts to an eBayer, who said he was turning it into a Stevens, and he must have sold it to that seller. The seller didn’t even represent it to be real, I hope the buyer read the description, I suspect like HockeyBob, he did not. And yes, those uncrested blanks are very shiny.
  18. I saw that one and was wondering why it was so shiny - didn't even read the description I'd like to know where they had the NHL badge added, that looks pretty good
  19. I don't get this one. Clearly fake. Even stated as fake (or as they put it "custom") and someone still put down close to $600 for it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Scott-Stevens-1991-92-New-Jersey-Devils-CUSTOM-034-Christmas-Tree-034-Jersey-Size-56-/324556824488?hash=item4b91181fa8%3Ag%3AsfIAAOSwAZNga1aR&nma=true&si=BTsoCqRFNhN9wxnYQDEi0UZPiRQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  20. Off topic, but I’m more excited about how many players are already adopting the new Tacks X helmet! Really looking forward to trying one of these once pro stock are available at (hopefully) less than the $500 retail tag. They look like they adjust the same way as the V08 and not the Tacks 110-910 so I’m crossing my fingers it’ll fit my noggin
  21. I have had a guy get traded while my jersey was still at EPS.
  22. That sucks. I’ve had that happen twice. Hell, I’ve got two on preorder of guys that are tradebait. Hoping they stay put.
  23. Can you buy a Richard Panik Caps jersey please?
  24. That's a drag, sorry buddy. I still get a kick out of the mask on the Indian head
  25. 1988-87 Doug Wickenheiser. From his last season with the Blues. By far my favourite design.
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