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  2. I hate when stuff like that happens. But in my experience with collecting for 25+ years, you wait a year or two and another one will come up for $300 less than what you were willing to pay. Just gotta be patient buddy.
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  4. I missed out on one of the Ducks District 5 jerseys due to a bug in the auction. Went back and forth with the Ducks organization, but at the end they couldn’t get me another jersey. Found the guy who won it, he said he wasn’t selling. A few days later he lists it for 4x what he paid. I offered him $300 more than his winning bid, but obviously he wanted more. I mean, good for him to make money I guess, but I’m still pissed at the auction since that jersey should have a permanent spot in my collection
  5. $180CAD ($145US) and there's your Starter mesh https://www.ebay.com/itm/224451463794?hash=item3442598a72:g:75gAAOSwT21gkuZe
  6. Yeah, similar to Pens, when the team switched to the new style, CCM/Maska was still putting out older style/leftover materials and jersey came with the CCM tag. Sometimes at a price, but I've had good success tracking down material through replicas/retail jerseys. Granted Starter mesh might be a tougher find, but snag an authentic size 46 at $200, sacrifice to the jersey gods, sell off the remaining material and crests/fight strap to recoup and Bob's your uncle
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  8. One of the reasons I have pretty much stuck with this forum despite it being half dead. The stories I have heard about people wanting to conceal information, or people getting upset because someone sold a jersey to a third party instead of them, that stuff is ridiculous.
  9. Curious if you read any of the pages in this thread since it goes through the entire process start to finish... Next steps would be using something like acetone/VLR/goo gone and a towel/toothbrush to scrub. Oh, and patience.
  10. I agree with this sentiment at this point. As time goes on, proper nameplate, patches, material will run out sooner or later, and there’s nothing can be done about this. I was a bit of a stickler for my Avs jerseys, but about 10-11 years on, I’m still holding onto my blank Starter and Pro Player Avs mesh jerseys just cause I don’t have the proper “nameplate” material and now, I’m looking for fabric that is close as possible cause the truth is, these Starter and Pro Player jerseys are getting rarer and rarer, I did find one mesh fabric on the internet that I think will be a good replacem
  11. I messaged this seller a couple days ago with some questions about his Colorado Avalanche 25th Anniversary Patches but he has yet to respond which makes me quite suspicious . I can't tell if it's a authentic patch or a reproduction. I live in Canada so I'm looking at his patches for cost reasons on shipping instead on heading over to patch collection. Anybody dealt with this seller before?. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/254991567386?hash=item3b5eae8a1a:g:yskAAOSwR55grDwz&autorefresh=true
  12. Any next steps recommendations for a first timer making a strip job attempt on an ultrafill jersey? All I have done so far is distich the kit and peel away. No solvents or heat was used.
  13. Cannot wait for 94-04! That's some great info on the tagging. Had no idea some teams only had a size tag mid 90s and no CCM tag. I always thought the tag was probably washed out and to make the jersey seem less used the owner just removed the washed out tag. Guess not. Gotta be some anomolies on the CCM vs Ultrafil/Air Knit tag. I've got a Devils Christmas Tree with the CCM tag. Last year they wore that style was the 91-92 season, but maybe it was made at a later date??
  14. Well let’s have it already…
  15. I was never the biggest fan of this jersey design, but it's extremely rare to find a player with my same last name so figured it would be a fun set to add to my collection. Hunter McKown Team USA U18 from the cancelled 2020 World Championship
  16. I noticed that about a lot of the post-‘92 old design jerseys- they also have hem stripes that are the wrong thickness.
  17. It's one of the main reasons there are soooo many '92 Penguins done wrong '92 Pens win the cup - all gamers have 'Ultrafil' tags and the font Pens rocked late 80s/early 90s '93 they switch to the dirty pigeon, BUT still market the crap out of the old design **with newer 'CCM' collar tags, and **newer Pens font worn on '93 jerseys Soooo many Lemieux's, Jagr's....Penguins players on '92 jerseys with wrong neck tag and '93 font
  18. It'll all be outlined in '94-04...just curious how much peeps care. Thx for your input
  19. Looking at my jersey, that appears to be correct.
  20. A few things happened 1 - '89-90, from small block to big block without NHL logo, NHL logo added by end of season 2 - Center Ice Collection starts marketing, '91 jerseys have 'Ultrafil' or 'Air-Knit' tagging only (Rangers are only team with 'CCM' tagging (and MIC, MIUS, Assembled in...but whole other ballgame) and still mesh) 3 - Numbering tag appears circa end of '91, new jerseys for '91-92 have 'em 4 - Circa end of '93, new 'CCM' tags started replacing the previous 'Ultrafil' or 'Air-Knit' 5 - Circa '95 size tags only in collar (for *some* teams) and those have a
  21. Pretty sure the little white number tag debuted in 1991. But since that little white tag is in the location where that Maska - Ultrafil tag should be, then one could infer that it has a hip CCM tag, which debuted later on. I’d guess around 1995?
  22. If I was to venture a guess It's because there is the small white numeric tag I believe the older Maska wash tag had the size written on it (no small white numeric tag) But Chris will be the better one to chime in
  23. I sweat the smaller details less and less the longer I'm in the hobby. I could care if the placement of a letter or patch is fractionally off. If it's close good enough for me, if it's obvious I'll switch it up. I like to match the tagging and patches when I can but again I'm starting to worry about it less and less, I don't imagine it hurts the value. And like Van67 said, if you're not even collecting the players correct size the other minor details shouldn't throw you off. Gotta ask though, how in the hell do you determine it's 95 tagging in that jersey from that frontal pic? T
  24. My main concern for my jerseys is they are visually accurate when wearing them. Nobody is going to be looking at the neck tag if I'm wearing it to a game. As for placements, I do worry, but not to the point of getting out the tape measure or ruler. If I wanted to be that guy (no disrespect to those who are), I would make sure jerseys are the same size worn by the player I'm putting on them... and I do not worry about that at all lol.
  25. It never used to bug me...... until you pointed it out to me a few months ago, Thanks a LOT!! Jerk... 😂😂 In all seriousness I get where it would make make yer eye twitch but it's getting harder and harder to get everything 100% accurate, I (Mike) had a tough time finding the correct twill for the numbers on an Ovi rookie. Eventually that stuff is gonna all run out. Then, 100% accurate patches, and on and on... I have a few that I'll just have to deal with the eye twitching - or sell them off and let someone else work it out. Stop pointing out the little things to me,
  26. Rare patch, great jersey Simply curious 'cause the last time I asked I was met with some resistance - given how some collectors are "meh", while others collectors are all like "!$%*&, the 'A' on the jersey needs to be exactly 3" right of the logo and 1.35" down from shoulder seam"... ...does it bug anyone that this jersey (collar tagging + inside hip tag) is circa '95, but it has a '93 cup anny patch affixed?
  27. Two more pickups courtesy of eBay and Reddit respectively. That's now three Blackhawks practice jerseys and 2/3 on-ice. All that's left to do is find the white one. There was one on eBay for $75 but I hesitated because I was buying the next jersey in this post and someone else got it before me. This one's a cool piece. There aren't that many differences between this prototype and the jerseys that made it to the ice.
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  29. There are quite a few of those on eBay right now. I counted at least 4 burgundy ones that looked like originals to me. Avoid the ones from ice_hockey_patches, those are reproductions.
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