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  1. For my final post here I will re-post this photo of slimcutta one last time so all you Jagr-loving degenerates could save it for your spank bank.
  2. Can you buy a Richard Panik Caps jersey please?
  3. MeiGray posted a bunch of leftover Caps Stadium Series blanks from 2018 at $350-400 a pop this morning and within an hour pretty much every non-goalie jersey was gone.
  4. guam64

    Measurements Help

    The spacing between the letters and number on Caps look smaller than the gamer which would explain why it’s not sitting as much on the diagonal.
  5. I mean SP/Nike jerseys in general are known to be tents so that would not be surprising at all.
  6. I doubt it'll ever happen because Adidas sold off CCM including the Quebec factory that makes on-ice jerseys so they are contracting out the MiCs.
  7. If I blocked all the Jagr fans there'd be like two posts here. I want to see your posts, just not your jerseys.
  8. Can someone make an app that blocks all the Rags, Devils, Flyers, and Leafs jersey on here?
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