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  1. Great Scott!?! 11 years?? Where's the Delorean?? Addicted? Who? Me? Are you lookin' at me? (...............don't look in my closet)
  2. Maybe...............TWSS?
  3. Gotta wear them........
  4. Trade you for a Caps Jagr.
  5. I went back and checked and I had my date confused. I actually shipped it out on 10/1/20. They received it 10/6 2 jerseys (one AHL, one ECHL). 22 weeks and counting.
  6. Agree. Everything is life is relative.
  7. Yep. Mine is one AHL and one ECHL. I've learned to become patient. "Excessively long" is in the eye of the beholder. This is excessively long in my eyes, I still don't understand how you can run a business with this little regard for your customers. It's like F-you, we'll get to it when we want. Yet, they do. And I keep going back. Mea Culpa.
  8. I have a 2 jersey order (full customization) that I shipped out on 11/1/20. I have been thinking recently that I might hear something soon, but maybe not since I'm obviously behind you. Good luck.
  9. LetsGoCaps

    Measurements Help

    On the Caps, I think jersey size plus number placement can be exaggerated by the diagonal stripe. I think you can come out with all kinds of permutations. (Not vouching for the existing customization one way or another)
  10. "So then I decided, why not...." TWSS.
  11. Not to NSJ or Josh in particular (I've never dealt with them), but I would much rather a company tell me "hey, we're swamped, it will probably be 6 more months", rather than empty promises or dates not met, or not responding. I've worked a number of jobs where I've been "in the weeds", and I think honesty goes a long way. Especially since I think most of us are already resigned to long timelines on our jerseys from day one.
  12. Speaking from experience, does "cred" equal "money down the tubes"?
  13. Ha, maybe they cleared a log-jam today. I got an invoice today for an order of 4 random minors I sent in mid-late August. (shipped UPS 8/17, I'd have to look up date of receipt, but I'm too lazy)
  14. Regrettables? I'm pretty sure "Buyers Remorse" is my middle name.
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