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  1. Nope. Those blue jerseys in that particular game had the CCM tag.
  2. Well, he just purchased it on eBay last week for half the price. Pretty sure the 9/11 ribbon is a reproduction. It also still has the incorrect Reebok patch NHL logo on the hem. It should have the embroidered NHL logo that Koho and CCM used. Here is the original listing of it. If you really want to make one of those, contact Brilliant. He can make it happen.
  3. ^See this? This is what we’re all going to miss after July.
  4. Anyone have the edge material for the blue Tampa Bay lightning jerseys? Looking for a piece long enough to do Vasilevskiy. Thanks.
  5. Should have sent it in when they won the cup…in 2004.
  6. Ugh. You’re right. Now I remember. I should have sent this jersey in 10 years ago so I’d get it back by the end of 2021. Thank you.
  7. Anybody know who has been customizing the Lightning jerseys for the past few years, specifically the current blue style during the Reebok 2.0 era? I think it’s EPS, but am hoping for clarification from you guys. Thanks.
  8. I posted it earlier. Here it is again: https://thejerseypage.freeforums.net
  9. Sad to hear this news. Thank you so much for extending it for as long as you possibly could. We’ve all made some good friends here, fueled by a common (and passionate) interest, and most of us will keep in touch via FB or maybe keep the forum feel alive on Fitz’s backup forum. See you gents around.
  10. Rangers goalie fan thinks you actually have a really cool concept there.
  11. Congrats! That’s a great connection. Sentimental gamers are the best ones to have!
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