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  1. I think there’s going to be one very upset buyer who will return it and then the original seller will relist it again.
  2. That doesn’t even look like a small-block to me either.
  3. Are you 100% sure that is a pinhead jersey? I was wondering the same thing, but I feel it’s just the angle that the picture was taken that makes it look so. Regardless, that thing is trashed. I’m sure we all had you in mind while watching it.
  4. Looking for a red and white Reebok vector logo for a home (red) Detroit Red Wings jersey to put together a 2009 SC finals jersey. I have plenty of crap to trade if you like crap. Thanks. (Fitz is still a jerk).
  5. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Adidas has not created a single design that has impressed me since they took over the contract. Anything they did that looked halfway decent was likely just a remake of some thing Reebok already designed before them. And on a side note, I think it’s extremely tacky when teams use their nicknames as their logo, like when the Lightning used “Bolts”, and the Senators used “Sens”. Now, with the Devils going with “Jersey”; it just looks uninspired and extremely juvenile. The Rangers would look stupid with “Rags” the Islanders went with “Isles”, Brui
  6. What do you expect from a Mickey Mouse organization.
  7. I still prefer 3 fight strips.
  8. Great goalie love! Those Toronto RR jerseys look like they were thrown on the floor of the locker room and used as a welcome mat…and I love them!
  9. I hate when I go to a strap club and a fight breaks out.
  10. Just in case any Rangers fans are looking to send jerseys to Arena Wear, they will be backed up for two or three months because they got wiped out during hurricane Ida. Just got off the phone with them and I was lucky my jersey made the cut before the storm arrived.
  11. I’ve been told I’m just like lieutenant Dan… …You’re more like a Forrest or Jenny.
  12. Is ebay member WAYMEE99 still on here?
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