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  1. A Leafs Clark in a 52 preferably, I know one of you suckers wants to shift one! TIA
  2. Be that guy who has all sorts of obscure nettie gear on fb
  3. I just don't know how it is acceptable to stop the game and show adverts, you have 15 minutes between periods for that.
  4. I'd rather have ads on jerseys than the TV advert breaks 3 minutes at a time in the middle of a period, it's a joke. Can you guys really not go that long without being told to buy something? The ad breaks kill any momentum in a game and can sometimes turn the tide of the game. Team A under the cosh and penned in their zone for 5 minutes, about to concede and they get a TV time out, regroup and go and score the other end.
  5. DJ Rhea

    eBay version 4.0

    I like him, hope he comes with the jersey, could have him in the house as a live in slave
  6. DJ Rhea

    eBay version 4.0

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383502169023?hash=item594a82b3bf:g:Ia4AAOSwJHhelLW0 The price on that
  7. Well I know what you're saying but depends on the jersey tbf, if it looks s*** (Leafs current RR) I won't be getting it, you'll buy it, sell it, then get another one 😛
  8. Isn't that for the Boston Bombings? Tbf how does the NHL look with Adidas with these shite Reverse Retro jerseys. City Edition, Reverse Retro, what is the difference really? Just shite to sell
  9. Watching the Leafs it has grown on me, just wish the logo on the chest was a tad smaller and the letters were all capitals
  10. They're both vile, food for nonces
  11. Don't like it, won't buy it. It's like hating Marmite then buying it anyway just because your mum used to have it in the house
  12. I just don't get the sizing thing, If I have a jersey bigger than a 52 because Komarov wears a 56, it will drown me (I know, I have worn his gamer) so it makes sense for me to get 52s no matter who wears them
  13. Just bang Sundin on it, who cares?
  14. Both Fab jerseys, I need an Andersen, there is a gamer on FB I'm thinking about.
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