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  1. F(&^*** hell that is desolation.
  2. Why can't Leafs just use the St Pats.
  3. What the F(&^*** hell is reverse retro meant to mean?
  4. Use an ad blocker on your browser.
  5. It's like the turd that just won't flush x
  6. Jesus can save, Matthews will net the rebound.
  7. Its a shame he was traded, he was like an upgrade on Komarov. I even got the old Reebok made up as a Soshnikov. knows what I'll do with that.
  8. DJ Rhea

    eBay version 4.0

    Imagine finding the photo match!
  9. Well for a start the USMC have said they don't want to fight with out the UKs capability. As for not continuing. It was a light hearted jib. I'm sure the admin don't want too have to clean this all up. As for the US not needing the UK, the US ain't all that. It is very laughable on the world stage.
  10. You keep thinking that lol, anyway back on topic.
  11. Just checking up on you Colonials.
  12. Apologise. Write sorry I'm a NJ Goombah 10 times and have a long hard think about what you have done 😛
  13. You like an easy lay
  14. You know what, Nylander was looking s*** hot every night. With D men, I think a good D man has a good game when you don't notice them.
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