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  1. Never say never, I just shipped you 3 dozen doughnuts.
  2. And my 10th patches are better than that one.
  3. It is an excellent recreation. I just don’t think a recreation is worth the price paid. Especially having had one of those blanks in hand, not great quality.
  4. That would be your size, wouldn’t it.
  5. I had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Cory Schneider jerseys there when he was released (Devils, two USA, All Star). I believe I had a Jagr there when he was dispatched as well. So it does happen. I only have one there now, and it’s a Hedberg for my goalie collection. So he’s already long gone.
  6. I believe that is one of those uncrested jerseys that have been on eBay. In fact, I believe I purchased it, along with that crest, and sold those two project parts to an eBayer, who said he was turning it into a Stevens, and he must have sold it to that seller. The seller didn’t even represent it to be real, I hope the buyer read the description, I suspect like HockeyBob, he did not. And yes, those uncrested blanks are very shiny.
  7. I have had a guy get traded while my jersey was still at EPS.
  8. mfitz804

    eBay version 4.0

    Was gonna say, you probably have 5 of those in your infamous bins.
  9. Not with a RR, there are a total of 6 goalie jerseys available, that’s it. I won’t be selling the one I get.
  10. I mean, we’re jersey collectors, “s*** to sell” is kind of our thing, isn’t it? I know I’m excited about getting my reverse retro after basically a million years of buying the same jersey with only minor variations.
  11. mfitz804

    eBay version 4.0

    I would think one of each wouldn’t cost you $6,000...
  12. mfitz804

    eBay version 4.0

    Three withdrawn bids by a zero feedback bidder too. But shill bidding only works if other people are willing to pay asinine prices too. Any Pens experts want to tell us why this one was the Golden goose?
  13. That’s what I always say.
  14. I love the Devils RR, but if I hated it, I would still have bought one because I am crazy like that.
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