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  1. Or, maybe there’s a way for me to do it myself and you can give me that advice.
  2. As part of my new project, I need to send two pucks to two people in Canada, with return envelopes. To my knowledge, that cannot be done internationally. So I think I need a Canadian intermediary. Your task would be to receive the two pucks from me, then send them to two addresses with envelopes to return them to you. You would then return them to me upon receipt. I cover all costs (via PayPal or some USD in the original package, your choice) obviously. Anyone willing to help me out?
  3. Not until they force them to become the Chicago Hockey Team.
  4. You have to keep posting about this, I am constantly amazed that there are still more.
  5. Nah, I can just do it on the other site. Which, of course…
  6. Having JUST done the same thing with another forum I frequent that is very active, I can verify that the change of location can be done if the membership is willing. We moved that other site and things are same as they ever were, over 600 members made the jump. But, its an older demographic so Facebook and other forms of social media weren't really in competition as they are here.
  7. Just as a reminder, the “new place” is a completely free forum hosted by ProBoards. I’m the admin because there needs to be an admin. There is no fee, no advertising and I make no money from it. It’s “Fitzy’s place” only in that I have the keys to the door. Otherwise it’ll be “our place” for whoever shows up.
  8. Yup, absolutely awful construction. It's like they didn't anticipate them being worn to play hockey lol.
  9. You could come over to the replacement board and do it over there...
  10. The backup is still in place and fully operative, those interested in continuing the conversation can do so over there. I expect most everyone will just stick to Facebook, which probably accounts for how slow this site has become anyway.
  11. It kind of started organically and well, I was about halfway there without realizing it. So now I’ll try to see how close I can get. Couple of former Rangers in there also…
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