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  1. Sounds like a party on a Friday night.
  2. Does having 3 fight straps mean he really likes fighting or really hates it?
  3. Everyone knows it’s called a fight strip anyway. Maybe you meant strips?
  4. Just read about this on Reddit. Mike is looking for his game worn jersey, worn backup only in two games, and apparently a private collector has it. Looking for any info that might lead to the discovery of who has it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Like I said, someone forgot to hit the switch lol.
  6. Maybe an angel investor swooped in at the zero hour?
  7. Did someone forget to flip the switch, or…
  8. Time for my last post. It's been a really good time, it was really nice to get acquainted with so many of you. Years of enjoyment, looking at pictures of other people's stuff, and being jealous over same. It's been a lot of fun I'll never forget any of you, and hopefully we cross paths again sometime. That's what she said.
  9. Or, maybe there’s a way for me to do it myself and you can give me that advice.
  10. As part of my new project, I need to send two pucks to two people in Canada, with return envelopes. To my knowledge, that cannot be done internationally. So I think I need a Canadian intermediary. Your task would be to receive the two pucks from me, then send them to two addresses with envelopes to return them to you. You would then return them to me upon receipt. I cover all costs (via PayPal or some USD in the original package, your choice) obviously. Anyone willing to help me out?
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