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  1. Nah.. they added a top stripe! 😉
  2. Minnesota Wild Winter Classic jersey
  3. jsh139


    Meigray’s summer sale begins at 5pm today. MeiGray's 2021 Summer Sale Begins Friday, July 30 SALE PRICES WILL BE HONORED BEGINNING AT 5PM ET MEIGRAY’S 2021 SUMMER SALE Terms and Conditions - Please Read Carefully · Sale ends Monday, Septem
  4. I don’t think them buying the forum is going to matter much. People will use the medium they prefer. Like Pens said, they’d be over here already if they liked this forum format. 🤷‍♂️ And if they are already over here, I haven’t seen much of anything that has been negative.
  5. jsh139


    This will probably be my last pick-up before this site goes belly-up. But, I snagged this 98 Olympics Team Canada jersey off of eBay for 18 bucks! Going to make it into a Lindros. I'm sure the nameplate material for it doesn't exist, though. It's this shiny satin-like material. Any ideas what to use?
  6. Sad to see this forum go. I consider you guys and girls my friends. Hope we can continue the conversation and information-sharing on another platform.
  7. Pretty sure the little white number tag debuted in 1991. But since that little white tag is in the location where that Maska - Ultrafil tag should be, then one could infer that it has a hip CCM tag, which debuted later on. I’d guess around 1995?
  8. I agree. The funky four (plus one!) is giving that illusion. Kudos to anyone that gets that reference without Googling.
  9. Yeah, the guy who posted a bad jersey trader post and ended up getting owned in the process. Serves him right, he said some horrible things to that seller.
  10. Oh, the one where knock-offs are not only allowed, but encouraged? Lol.
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