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  1. “Sorry you missed out on this item.” Uhhh, no apology necessary, eBay.
  2. Flyers needed a bounce-back game against the Sabres, so who better to wear than a former Sabre? 2008-09, home set 2.
  3. Looks like someone dipped that one in some Buffalo wing sauce.
  4. Yep. Marc from Classic mentioned they were doing server maintenance. I dunno, sounds like it’s time to find a new provider.
  5. I also like the retail process better than the auction process. Although, at least with Meigray's auctions, they do it the right way (IMO). 5-minute extended bidding PER item, not the whole auction, no ridiculous 20% buyer's premium, and they take credit cards. The only downside with their auctions is that each lot ends at a different time (within a few minutes of one another), so if you just want a jersey from a particular auction, you need to win one of the first few lots. Otherwise by the time the final lots close, they can sometimes be very inflated in value as people just go down t
  6. Posted this in a few places, but for those of you that don't have FB or Reddit, I got this in the other day. 2003-04 Simon Gagne, Third set 1 Has some nice wear on the sleeves, a few burns, and some general marks throughout. Photomatched to the marks on the left sleeve. Simon wore this in 8 games where he scored 3 goals and 4 assists. Been looking for a Gags for a while and this being a Chrome 3D style makes it even better!
  7. I think it’s because they make it so easy and they’re really nice to deal with. And honestly, their prices aren’t terrible compared to some. Vegas, for example, sells jerseys of 4th line scrubs for $1,000. And people buy them up like crack. Conversely, you’ve got Detroit Hockey Company selling Coyotes gamers on the cheap. And the Kings have their big sales from time to time.
  8. Same for Flyers. As an example, Meigray can sell Giroux gamers all day for $3,000 a piece. But I’ve yet to see any of his shirts auction for even close to that amount.
  9. Oh, lol, yeah, Meigray will be selling them. I see how nebulous that statement is now. They’re taking preorders as we speak.
  10. My bad. This graphic they posted on Twitter says three games. But if you click the link to view the actual schedule, they snuck a fourth game in there. https://www.nhl.com/kings/news/which-jerseys-will-the-la-kings-wear-this-season/c-320278572
  11. The Flyers will be wearing two sets. The first set will be worn in 3 games (the 3rd will be the outdoor game against the Bruins in Lake Tahoe) and they are selling it at retail. Not sure how they are selling the second set, and how many games it will be worn in.
  12. I’ve heard some teams (Kings) are only wearing the Reverse Retros for 3 games all season. Seems like a massive marketing campaign for something worn so few times.
  13. I usually think that trashing someone publicly is a last resort, but maybe it warrants a post in the Authentic or Bad Jersey Trader/Seller group? Maybe a simple, “Has anyone heard from Josh at North Star Jerseys recently?” To get a conversation going. Might light a fire under him to respond to emails in a more timely fashion.
  14. I always got the feeling he was a one-man show. Is it actually a larger company and he is just the contact person? If it’s just him it sounds like he’s gotten in over his head.
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