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  1. Maybe whoever bought it didn’t read the description? Edit: yeah, it sounds like we’re all thinking along the same lines.
  2. That’s actually kind of surprising as you typically go for the vintage players. But, I can see it happening as you seem to always have something there waiting for customization 😂
  3. That sucks. I’ve had that happen twice. Hell, I’ve got two on preorder of guys that are tradebait. Hoping they stay put.
  4. Might not be worth anything, but maybe see if any of his family is on social media? They may have old pictures or game programs or something.
  5. jsh139

    eBay version 4.0

    That time when Jagr wore replica jerseys... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Jaromir-Jagr-Game-Used-Washington-Capitals-NHL-Hockey-Uniform-Jersey-/384054442291?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  6. Yeah, no one wants just the tip. They want the whole thing. (TWSS)
  7. Some players (Giroux for example) are under contract with the card companies. They’ll pick a random game and have him wear three jerseys in it and then they get them.
  8. Who's got the toast, cuz I got a butterknife! 2008-09 GW Mike Knuble, third set 1, retro "butterknife" font. So called because of how the 1s look. The Flyers wore these jerseys for two games when this orange style debuted. The funky font harkens back to the 1973-74 road jersey. Legend has it that the NHL never approved this particular font for use, and they forced the Flyers to stop wearing them. Or, at least that's what I remember Stu saying, haha. Mike wore this jersey in both games and it has a little wear to it. Photomatched to a slash on the sleeve number and a long loose thread.
  9. Those card companies are the worst. Weird thing is, the cards themselves sometimes sell for thousands of dollars. I recall one of a Crosby jersey that sold for over $70,000. It's insane.
  10. Too much wood on that team, I tell ya.
  11. The CCM vs Airknit neck tag slightly bothers me. Enough so that I aborted a 91-92 double-patch because of it. I’m really picky, though. Probably why I’ve switched to gamers. I can’t take the stress of inaccurate customization and year differences between big blocks. I just got a few back from Keener and they’ll probably be my last. It’s really just impossible to be 100% on-ice accurate anymore for Flyers.
  12. Almost as bad as Bobcat 😂
  13. That pinhead is awesome.
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