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Hockey Monkey 50% Sale


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Hockey Monkey is having a 50% off sale with code “apparel50”.

Code works on reebok edge jerseys but not adidas.

$50 for  edge 2.0 jerseys.

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Awesome, Thank you

Also, it looks like you can only use it once.

I tried to go back and it says invalid code. :glare:

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Anybody have any experience with the Monkey's customization?  I've emailed them and they claim it's accurate for what is worn on the ice, but whatever.  Just wondering if anyone has tried them.

The coupon code also works for 50% off customization.

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Years ago I had a Kings jersey done, and it wasn’t great.  Also, someone here (also many years ago) made a post here about how they completely screwed up his Ducks 6100:

Maybe they can only be trusted to do Ducks jerseys from the period during which they were the team customizer.

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I thought I'd add, if this matters to anyone.............I just received two 2.0's from them today (Ducks (2014-17) and Coyotes).   Both were team-issued style, with reinforced collars and fight straps, and with Lextra NHL shields.

Not sure of all teams are.

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