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  1. Yo dudes! Figured I'd try here one last time before everything gets shut down Looking for Reebok Vector patch for the Hawks Alternate (Winter Classic style) Could use a couple of them If anyone has a few please shoot me a PM or you can email me bob.kortum@hotmail.com Thanks everyone
  2. It would be great to keep this page going just for the wealth of information We can go to Fitz's page to hang and be cool. Wonder what kinda $ it takes to buy this forum?
  3. I just picked up a 58G because Ryan at CSL told me that is what Lankinen wears only to have a guy on Facebook prove the guy who does the Hawks jerseys wrong. Lankinen wears a 60G 😒 I have 4 of them now and would have 5 but traded one off to get my Salmon Skate Linden back. I really love this style and hate to see it go. Since Kane wears a 56 (altered) have you thought of doing a DeBrincat? Pretty sure he wears a 54
  4. I'm on the Jersey Page board, but haven't been able to post pics there either... I had a photo hosting through Photobucket but they started charging too much, I lost a bunch of pics and really don't want to start all over again taking pics. You'll just have to use your imagination (Or I can email you pics )
  5. With the board going down I guess there's no need. 😐
  6. Holy Crap-O-la! That's a Nice haul, hard to pick a favorite out of those I wish I had photo hosting or this forum was easier to post pics. I just got a bunch of jerseys back from Mike that I'd like to show off (or brag) I posted them to the FB groups if anyone wants to check them out. TBTC Hawks Roenick TBTC Roy All Star TBTC Wings Cheveldae 1991 Hull (white) 1991 Lafontaine All Star 1990 Bruins Ultrafil Neely (black) 1980's Hawerchuk (white)
  7. I hate when stuff like that happens. But in my experience with collecting for 25+ years, you wait a year or two and another one will come up for $300 less than what you were willing to pay. Just gotta be patient buddy.
  8. If I was to venture a guess It's because there is the small white numeric tag I believe the older Maska wash tag had the size written on it (no small white numeric tag) But Chris will be the better one to chime in
  9. It never used to bug me...... until you pointed it out to me a few months ago, Thanks a LOT!! Jerk... 😂😂 In all seriousness I get where it would make make yer eye twitch but it's getting harder and harder to get everything 100% accurate, I (Mike) had a tough time finding the correct twill for the numbers on an Ovi rookie. Eventually that stuff is gonna all run out. Then, 100% accurate patches, and on and on... I have a few that I'll just have to deal with the eye twitching - or sell them off and let someone else work it out. Stop pointing out the little things to me,
  10. Thank you sir! I will reach out to him
  11. Looking for help in two areas. 1st, I have a few Blues Jerseys that I washed and the yellow rubber layer broke up. I thought there was a member on here that knew how to fix that, can anyone help with connecting me with them? and B.) I have 2 big block CCM jerseys that don't have the NHL badge. Does anyone know of a way to get the NHL badge added ? Thanks
  12. Beat me to it I'm having problems sourcing a crest Looks awesome!
  13. Hockey Bob

    eBay version 4.0

    Is that really what it is? I haven't seen anything like it on the Ross stuff but what do I know.
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