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  1. Only a few teams used airknit nameplates on 2.0’s; for example Pittsburgh and Ottawa did because the airknit shoulder panel on those models came down lower than normal, and the nameplate was placed over the airknit panel instead of the Edge stretch mesh back panel like on most other jerseys. Other teams, like NYR and (I think) Chicago sometimes fluctuated between stretch mesh and airknit nameplates, presumably depending on whether stretch mesh was available at the time. Boston used airknit, apparently because their customizer, Custom Crafted, didn’t seem to give a crap if it didn’t match the
  2. I agree, the material was like the on-ice ones, which I like better than what they used on the Indos. I added a fight strap to the one I had, but one thing I could do nothing about was how the fabric panels were stitched together. The sleeves and side panels were more cheaply stitched together, like on replicas. The ends of the fabric panels are folded into each other, leaving just a groove visible from the outside, and the stitches are only visible from the inside of the sleeve. This is one way you can tell replicas from authentics when you only have a picture that doesn’t show any taggin
  3. The retail MiC All-Stars were last year (St. Louis 2020), but that was not the year they were promoted as “Parley,” which were the 2019 ones in San Jose. And yes, the 2020 retail MiC’s had no double elbows or fight straps. They also seemed to fit about 2 sizes smaller than the marked size.
  4. It takes some time, but as you get more experience at this, it becomes easy to pin down the dates of jerseys, and whether they are replicas, authentics or game worns. CCM never made authentic Liberty jerseys, only replicas. The companies that made the authentics were, in chronological order, Starter (1996-99), ProPlayer (1999/2000), Koho (2000-04) and Reebok (2005-07). During his tenure with the Rangers, Stevens wore only Starter and ProPlayer versions. Your jersey was almost certainly manufactured around 1997/98, right at the time Stevens would have worn that style. You can tell by t
  5. My last 2 orders from them, delivered through DHL, were amazingly quick, like 2 days.
  6. That's actually not bad considering how many NHL jerseys they had to do, what with the alts and reverse retros too.
  7. Just FYI, Avs authentics in the 90’s (and essentially throughout the 2000’s as well) were not available in size 44. The Starters went down to as small as 46, and ProPlayers to 48. (Just mentioning this so you don’t miss a chance to pick up a 46 because you’re holding out for a 44 that doesn’t exist.)
  8. Sublimated coloration is applied only to the outer surface of the jersey, so if you apply cleaning solvents like acetone or Goof-Off and rub, you will almost certainly remove some of the coloring as well.
  9. LAK74

    eBay version 4.0

    Also has factory customization (plasticky, with printed colors).
  10. Both MeiGray and Classic sites seem to be down again. ☹️
  11. The Kings will wear their reverse retros 4 times (1 road game also), plus their Heritage Chevys 3 times, not to mention their silver alts 6 times. For a 56 game season, that’s almost half of their home games where they won’t be wearing the usual black ones. I could see how they wouldn’t be able to use the reverse retros that many times, with 5 different jerseys in a shortened season.
  12. Supposedly Gretzky wouldn’t allow it unless Bruce McNall could attend the game, which couldn’t happen until McNall was released from prison, which occurred in 2001.
  13. A lot of info about the lettering is available here; see the “Game Worn Specs” section: https://www.predsandthreads.com
  14. LAK74


    I’ve always thought 1990/91 was the last year with the round strap buttons. Pretty much every gamer from 90/91 that I’ve seen had them, so I figured it wasn’t just leftover 89/90 stock being used in 90/91. If you’ve seen a lot of 90/91 gamers with the new flat buttons, I’d appreciate it if you could send some links.
  15. The Adidas button appeared on the retail jerseys only during the first year of production, which was 2017/18. In the following years the button was omitted. The jerseys from 2017/18 and later are essentially the same, except that size 46 and smaller ones from 2017/18 have smaller-sized crests compared to those on sizes 50 and up. After 2018, the size 46 crests were made larger so that they were the same size as the size 50 and higher ones. The size 42 & 44 crests remained smaller.
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