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  1. Both sets were layered. I don’t think the Rangers started kiss-cutting stuff until the Reebok 6100 years.
  2. LAK74


    Sleeve markings match this gamer: https://www.gamewornauctions.net/products/1993_94_Paul_Coffey_Detroit_Red_Wings_Game_Worn_Jersey_Turn_Back_The_Clock_Team_Letter-5392-128.html Holy ****.
  3. Agreed. Well, if we're going to go all out on the accuracy critique, the angle of the diagonal cut on the top of the back 1 is way off as well.
  4. Should be ultrafil. The letter font is also wrong, so it’s a good excuse to just change out the nameplate. 😀
  5. LAK74

    eBay version 4.0

    One of the pictures has the post-1993 CCM tag, but the tag in the other pics is the correct “Ultrafil” one. So that means more than one jersey is being pictured here, how do you know which one you going to get? That seller always seems to pull some shady sh!t; you can’t trust anything he sells.
  6. Both brand and size tags are fake. The material in the neck has the wrong texture. Sorry, but the jersey is fake.
  7. Best thing is to post pictures here. Something is off; as someone else has said, there are no size 48 Edges, and the size 48 6100 (pre-Edge) Reeboks should not have the 7187 designation on the tags. Many fake jerseys do though.
  8. It should be; the small crests on the 46’s are only an issue with the 2017/18 jerseys. I don’t know about the Hawks, but for the Kings the Parley crests on a size 46 are actually 1/4” to 1/2” bigger than the crests on the home/roads.
  9. Sundin's first set (1.0) was a size 60 in both the home and road jerseys. There were also white 1.0's game-issued for him in size 58 and 60+, and a blue 58 but they were not actually worn in games. There was also a blue 60+ worn in the preseason only. Source: MeiGray 2007/08 Population Report
  10. As particular as I am, I have let the Maska vs. CCM neck tag issue slide a couple of times when doing up a jersey as a 91-93. What I won’t do though, is a pre 91 jersey like the 90/91 Hawks ASG, using a jersey with the post-1991 tagging. The 90/91 should have only one tag, whereas the post-1991 ones have the additional small size tag. What’s even more important to me is that the Hawks 90/91 would be expected to have the 80’s-style fight strap with the rounded buttons, while the ones with the CCM neck tag should all have the flat-button strap. That’s a bit too much for me to ignore. But I
  11. Only a few teams used airknit nameplates on 2.0’s; for example Pittsburgh and Ottawa did because the airknit shoulder panel on those models came down lower than normal, and the nameplate was placed over the airknit panel instead of the Edge stretch mesh back panel like on most other jerseys. Other teams, like NYR and (I think) Chicago sometimes fluctuated between stretch mesh and airknit nameplates, presumably depending on whether stretch mesh was available at the time. Boston used airknit, apparently because their customizer, Custom Crafted, didn’t seem to give a crap if it didn’t match the
  12. I agree, the material was like the on-ice ones, which I like better than what they used on the Indos. I added a fight strap to the one I had, but one thing I could do nothing about was how the fabric panels were stitched together. The sleeves and side panels were more cheaply stitched together, like on replicas. The ends of the fabric panels are folded into each other, leaving just a groove visible from the outside, and the stitches are only visible from the inside of the sleeve. This is one way you can tell replicas from authentics when you only have a picture that doesn’t show any taggin
  13. The retail MiC All-Stars were last year (St. Louis 2020), but that was not the year they were promoted as “Parley,” which were the 2019 ones in San Jose. And yes, the 2020 retail MiC’s had no double elbows or fight straps. They also seemed to fit about 2 sizes smaller than the marked size.
  14. It takes some time, but as you get more experience at this, it becomes easy to pin down the dates of jerseys, and whether they are replicas, authentics or game worns. CCM never made authentic Liberty jerseys, only replicas. The companies that made the authentics were, in chronological order, Starter (1996-99), ProPlayer (1999/2000), Koho (2000-04) and Reebok (2005-07). During his tenure with the Rangers, Stevens wore only Starter and ProPlayer versions. Your jersey was almost certainly manufactured around 1997/98, right at the time Stevens would have worn that style. You can tell by t
  15. My last 2 orders from them, delivered through DHL, were amazingly quick, like 2 days.
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