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  1. New Blues WC is gorgeous (to me)! Ordered one because it's so nice and I find the Winter Classic Indonesian made are always the same construction as the MICs (say with each stripe sewn in and same crest). I will strive to get a MIC when they are available. Interesting to see this though... Is this new?? From the STL Authentics page: "Adidas’ adizero Heritage Collar is used including webbing and cover stitch athletic V." https://www.nhl.com/blues/news/blues-reveal-2022-nhl-winter-classic-jersey/c-326114576 https://www.stlauthentics.com/collections/winter-classic/products/
  2. Changing the material to be more environmentally friendly? So like more degradable so as to not fill up the landfill, or, maybe just turn to dust in our closets after ten years???? Jerseys are not a problem in the world, under any definition of science. I'm old and sick of disproportionate emotionally-driven 'actions' to save the planet, that in reality do absolutely nothing that could be quantified as anything other than zero impact, but rather makes the misinformed/manipulated people feel good that they have done something worthwhile when they haven't, and corporations prance around about
  3. Going fast, limited sizes and probably not a bargain to some but Dallas Stars MIC WC blank TI and random MIC home and away GI: Link
  4. It means someone will probably try too hard...
  5. Who knows... the Jersey Baron knows! I'm sure we would all love to hear the full story of how he did what he did with the supply of Edge 2.0s he gave the world. He ought to write a book! All hail JB!
  6. Again, thanks for the info! I would love to have a clarification of why some teams appear to have no players wearing anything larger than a 58. Some teams have 58+, and I even have seen a LA Kings 60! Is there a rhyme or reason to these largest sizes? Also, any chance we could get the pit-to-pit, sleeve, and body length standard measurements?? That would be wonderful to have for a lot of people I assume, now it's confirmed the dimensions have not been changing.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, it's great to hear the same folks are still doing their thing at St Hy! I wonder if they know there are people out here that love their craftsmanship, and that what they do with the MICs make, at least a small group of hockey fans very happy. I feel less cynical today!! So I'll now try and guess why they have stopped the retail side for the MIC... two guesses: • the switch to the Adidas (or any new template) requires more time allotted per person/per jersey to ensure quality control, and after a number of years efficiency increases and that opens the d
  8. I'm going to go ahead and suggest it's the high MARGIN on the offshore products. I do not think the material cost would be a significant driver. Someone probably got a feather in their cap and a bonus because they probably made a business case that here is how much more you can make by shifting all the retail "authentic" sourcing offshore based on labor cost savings. I'm wondering did they close the factory in Quebec that made the Edge 2.0s? Or, if that same plant makes the Adidas, did they fire a large percentage of those people who had been making the jerseys we love for years (was th
  9. Such weird inconsistency with the on ice sizing. I see the Kings sell off includes size 60, other teams have had 58+ (Kings do not list this as even a sold out option), and some teams have 58 as their largest. And Kings sale was the first I've seen any chart attempting to show measurements with sizes. So what is the range of possibilities... All these largest size assigned numbers are actually the same cut & measurements, some teams have jeserys that actually measure larger, or something else (maybe Adidas changed these over time so when a jersey was made determines what the larges
  10. No. Stupid. NHL trying too hard. Just wear the actual team jerseys during the game. Do these ones save the planet like last year's woke joke?
  11. There has been a tendency for the WC/SS/HC retail indo made jerseys to be a somewhat better build than the everyday ones, at least the ones I've seen. The Blues WC Premiere has the same beautiful felt crest, fully sewn down, with the sleeve and bottom stripes actually constructed from separate pieces sewn together, and the same beautiful ribbed collar. So effectively the same as the 2.0, except for the lighter grade material instead of 2.0 air knit. Also, the new Stars WC, was made with a similar approach. Real felt logo/letters/patch, all fully sewn, and multi piece construction.
  12. Anyone know an accurate history of Goalie Cuts? Did they start with a manufacturer switch, or were they hot and miss for a while with goalies just wearing a bigger regular cut?
  13. Weren't a lot of those old GW & TC scrub jerseys on in a $99 Flash Sale a few years back (along with a bunch of TIs on for $79)? Why would anyone pay over $200 now??
  14. Avs one looks like wearing a bib. Maybe it's OK for spaghetti eatin'!
  15. Nice jersey. They should put the NHL/OHL branding back of the back at the bottom. Hate to be cynical, but is the strategy to start with patches that no one can criticize, and then when the young minds are used to them, 'Colon Cancer Check' becomes 'Pepsi'?
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