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NHL TV Subscribers?


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Anyone here a subscriber? If so, are there benefits over cable/streaming TV providers? 

I don't think I've ever not been able to see a game through Sling, but was wondering if it's a better experience for at home watching? I mostly just watch the Hawks, but others at times depending on what players are playing.

i also was wondering if it has an archived game feature, such as being able to watch previous SCF, etc. I haven't seen that listed but maybe I missed it.


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I subscribed back in 2010 or 11 while I was living out in Los Angeles to watch the Hawks. Did not have cable. Unfortunately I could only watch maybe 30% of the games as most were on NBC Sports (which I could only watch if I had a cable subscription!). When I called they stated that the only games they show are games that aren’t televised elsewhere and of course the fact that I could watch all these other games!! None of which I give a s*** about. 


So so for me, it was a complete bust and I’d never recommend it. Not sure if they’ve changed their packages but I haven’t even bothered to look. $100 a year for a handful of games ain’t worth it 

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For me I'm in the UK, it's a must have! Streams are to unreliable. If you put a quid into bet365 you can watch all the games on there, but there is no on demand feature. As for blackouts, if I use my laptop browser and a VPN I can easily swerve them. For the price I pay and the Leafs games with the TSN/CBC feed it's a must have. 

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Lately I’ve just been streaming all my games through Reddit. I’ve never not been able to find a game, and I’m mostly a Canucks fan, but I’m not a fan of our local PxP guys, so I enjoy being able to stream the opposition team feed.

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If they still blackout nationally televised games then you are in luck since just about every Hawks game is on national TV, which means you can use your subscription to watch actual NHL teams instead.

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I haven't had TV for years, and either piggybacked a friend's subscription to Rogers (when NHL app was free with sub), or paid the early bird for the season.

The app a few years ago was crap, but they've really cleaned it up and I love it now.

I can go to any game, watch for whatever amount of time, then return whenever I want and resume where I left it. So I'll jump back and forth, and since it's resumed, I can then skip through commercials, 100% hockey, and as much or as little of multiple games in a night. Scores are turned off so no spoilers (didn't have the option before), and you can chose different feeds as to avoid those extremely obnoxious homers in Boston for example. Also different and multi-camera angles.


Post game they offer 4-6min recaps, 8-10min condensed games, full replays, and individual highlights for goals, saves, and hits


You can select your favorite team(s) and get team-specific news/highlights/etc



As far as archived material, there are tons of NHL 100 moments and greatest players, and yes, tons of classic/vintage games. The old format had vintage games listed by decade/year, but now they've gone to a netflix-style layout, with rows of different categories; game recaps, top players right now, best of NHLnetwork


centennial memories, NHL 100 event, greatest nhl teams, classic games, nhl 100 greatest players






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My only problem is that they still do blackout local content, so if Ottawa is playing, I only get when it's national feed like on CBC HNIC, otherwise those games, and starting this year Montreal is considered local so those are blacked out as well.

The blackout's stink, but for a couple hundred bucks I get a full season of more hockey than I can ask for, so it's well worth it to me, especially now that they've cleaned things up.


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If I'm not mistaken, one thing that I believe has been cleaned up recently is NHL Network blackouts.  I'm living in the midwest and watching the Capitals - being the Cup champions, many of their games are optioned on open nights to NHL Network.  Keep in mind that those aren't fully-produced, network-specific telecasts - they're just pulling RSN telecasts of one of the two teams.  In past seasons, any RSN game picked up by NHL Network was considered a national telecast, and therefore blacked out.  Which would be a pain in the Arse - if NHL Network started "flexing" games to their channel, you were s*** out of luck on watching it on GameCenter.  And my streaming cable package doesn't have NHL Network as an option, so then you're just screwed.  This runs against what MLB.tv does - any MLB Network, FOX/FS1, or midweek ESPN game is available on the app, via the local RSN feed.  Only Sunday Night Baseball in the U.S. on ESPN was blacked out, since it's an exclusive window, league-wide.  Postseason was blacked out too, but those games are pretty widely available.

But on this year's schedule, I've noticed that NHL Network games have been available to me in GameCenter via the local RSN feed.  So that's a plus.

I know HNIC games in the U.S. are typically NHL Network games - I'm not sure if those are blacked out, however.

It's a must-have for me, and has improved dramatically since the MLBAM takeover.

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