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  1. A bit early, but once this is bought, it will belong in this group. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CHICAGO-BLACKHAWKS-JONATHAN-TOWES-ADIDAS-REVERSE-RETRO-PREMIUM-TWILL-AUTHENTIC/174691829173?hash=item28ac71c5b5:g:6e0AAOSwe8lgU-Fp
  2. This makes me miss the 2019 ASG jerseys.
  3. I don’t prefer it either, and yeah they’re still expensive. Cubs home jersey is $250+ for a blank I believe. I’ll probably keep holding out for a pre-flex blank, but those are rare.
  4. Anyone picking up a Nike authentic this season? Anyone already have one? Not a fan of additional branding but it’s minimal...
  5. “I really wanted to take photos at Thanksgiving but you had your Hawks hat on.”(A jersey would have been no go) but also ”I figured you’d want this more than what I wanted to give you, so here’s $$$ toward getting letters and numbers on your blank jerseys.”
  6. Good to know. Maybe I’ll try stripping at some point.
  7. Are they not glued down? Honestly it wouldn’t be worth the time or money for an import if adhesives are involved.
  8. Did you pick up the 2019 ive considered the same and was wondering if anyone sells blank alts instead of the WC. I thought I heard only at the UC but maybe I’m wrong. I’d rather have it customized by CSL than Fanatics.
  9. For the right price I’d consider a retail authentic, but count it as a jersey-like apparel piece as opposed to a jersey. It’s not part of the “collection.” “oh, going out to bar to watch game and eat ketchup popsicles and drippy wings? I’ll wear my lettered Hawks shirt made of jersey material.”
  10. Curious if anyone in Chicago knows how long the Hawks/NBCSN contract is? I can only find multi year.
  11. I opted for exactly this a couple weeks ago. I use Hulu via Roku and the MyTeams app when needed. About $20 more per month than Sling was, unfortunately.
  12. I'm not opposed to this, but I tend to prefer reliability lol. I may end up just going the Hulu live route. They carry all the sports networks including local plus all the original content. Almost twice the price per month of Sling, but without local sports I don't have a reason for a tV package. Go Hawks!
  13. So Sling TV just dropped NBC Sports Chicago. considering Hulu Live. Any Hawks fans watching this way? Other teams?
  14. Going to see JJ Grey next week. Stoked for that.
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