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  1. That, and it was in the middle of absolutely nowhere in like Tennessee or something like that. It boggles the mind.
  2. No difference between them, but there is a change coming up this spring with the material they’re using for the jerseys, which is why we’re seeing all these current ones end up like store like Ross. The new ones will fall under either PrimeBlue or PrimeGreen line, which falls in line with Adidas’ commitment to making products that are more environmentally friendly.
  3. Yeah, it appears they may as well. The ones on MGG look like they’re swift as well from the World Championships.
  4. The only team that uses Swift material is Canada, every other country uses Flo-Knit, and that material is great. It comes from the same factory in Quebec as well....
  5. Anyone have a small piece of white Flo-Knit, just need one long enough to put BURE on a White 1996 WCoH Authentic.
  6. Sorry, my bad. The Authentic ones are tough to come by, gamers are even tougher. Best of luck!!
  7. Get your wallet loaded up for the Salmon Alternate. I believe there is still a Mogilny Authentic available from a member here in a 54.
  8. KB67


    So many cheaper ones coming up on eBay now thanks to Ross. These PSH ones used to be amongst the lowest priced ones on the market, but now they’re on the higher end. Tampa ones can be had for $52.50 on eBay, which makes them perfect strip candidates for customs.
  9. KB67

    eBay version 4.0

    It is also showing as no longer available for me, I also maxed out my (5) bid limit with him at what I believe were reasonable offers. I’ve been looking for one BNWT, and they certainly don’t come up very often.
  10. KB67

    eBay version 4.0

    And to think these were only $15 at Ross, man I wish we had a Ross up here
  11. KB67

    third jerseys are back

    I think they look great. Utica used the same setup for a game the last couple of seasons and they look great on the ice.
  12. KB67

    eBay version 4.0

    I can get you MiC Adidas name plate if you want some. DM me if you do.
  13. I switched from Safari to Chrome for this site, and it looks good on chrome. Not sure what’s up with it on Safari though.
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