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  1. These were made previous to the conversion to the new Prime Green material, both MiC and Indo, as they were all ready to go for the game last year, as this one was originally due to be played Jan.1, 2021, so that’s also why they’re available now, opposed to closer to the date of the game as is usually the case with the WC jerseys.
  2. Looking for Black Flo-Knit for (2) name bars if possible. I have Adidas MiC name bar material to trade or can just pay for it.
  3. Pretty sure TBL is done by Bobcat……
  4. Looking for Black Flo-Knit material for a name bar. Need a fairly large piece, 9 letter name, so likely 18”-20” piece.
  5. FWoods same guy that makes all my crests for my custom jerseys that I make...
  6. Yeah, I went and had the crests made for mine, simple black and white Canucks Skate logo, and then a custom sublimated RKC kit on the Miller one, and then the Kings Military font for the Horvat.
  7. If you’re just looking to grab the kits, Customize Sports now has the 2000’s Orca kits with the Dazzle twill in the correct fonts for much cheaper.....
  8. He doesn’t do a lot of customizing of MiC jerseys, 99% of what he does is Indo. He gets the MiC material from me....
  9. Pacific Coast Cresting is still PCC, and Hockey Authentic is a separate business where the sell the jerseys.
  10. Selling off a good part of my Canucks focussed collection. Prices are in USD, and include shipping within North America. Open to reasonable offers as well. https://imgur.com/a/XVnSr7i Nike Authetic Michigan Alternate Quinn Hughes Size 52 - $500 Reebok Edge 2.0 North Dakota Alternate Brock Boeser Size 54 - $450 Nike Authentic 1996 WCoH Team Russia White Pavel Bure Size 54 - $225 Nike Authentic 1996 WCoH Team Russia Red Alexander Mogilny Size 52 - $225 Ottawa 67’s Reebok Edge 2.0 Mikey DiPietro Size 56 - $225 Flint Firebirds CCM Edge 2.0 Ethan Keppen Si
  11. That, and it was in the middle of absolutely nowhere in like Tennessee or something like that. It boggles the mind.
  12. No difference between them, but there is a change coming up this spring with the material they’re using for the jerseys, which is why we’re seeing all these current ones end up like store like Ross. The new ones will fall under either PrimeBlue or PrimeGreen line, which falls in line with Adidas’ commitment to making products that are more environmentally friendly.
  13. Yeah, it appears they may as well. The ones on MGG look like they’re swift as well from the World Championships.
  14. The only team that uses Swift material is Canada, every other country uses Flo-Knit, and that material is great. It comes from the same factory in Quebec as well....
  15. Anyone have a small piece of white Flo-Knit, just need one long enough to put BURE on a White 1996 WCoH Authentic.
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