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Nike International Team Gamer Sizing


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I recall reading here that Nike's International Team game-worns run small for their respective number size, but does anyone have any specific measurements from recent IIHC, Olympic, WJC or WCOH GW/GI/TI jerseys? 

I prefer a 56 in Reebok Edge 2.0 and adidas Made in Canada gamers, so curious what size this translates to in Nike? 58? 60? 

Thank you for any help or clarity any one can provide. 

NOTE: I would have put this in the International section, but that one does not seem to get anywhere near as much traffic as this one, so figured I would inquire here! :) 

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The most recent WCOH jerseys that were made by Nike were back in 2004.  I’m pretty sure those were sized the same as the Nike NHL jerseys used back in the 1990’s.  So you would probably want a size 52 Nike in the 2004 style.

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Mine is a 2017 USA. The arms are a good 3 inches longer than a 56 2.0, so they go to my fingertips. That and the crinkly material render it a neat collector piece, but unwearable.

Edit: although to be fair, it's a gamer. I probably wouldn't wear it anyway. For a Swift to wear, I'd look for a 54, if they exist.

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15 hours ago, SnakeOiler12 said:

Thanks guys. Anyone have any recent WJC Nike jerseys that can comment? 

@furiousd -- which tournament style do you have a Nike 60 in? Is it safe to assume it's too big? 

There has been an abundance of Canada Swifts show up on the market lately, so I ordered a Current version in a 54, which is the largest one I’ve seen available in a blank, and I’m a little worried that it’s going to be too small. I can wear anything from a 52 to 56 in an Edge, so I’m hoping it doesn’t fit any smaller than the 52 Edge.....

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32 minutes ago, mdwsta4 said:

Huh? I bought a Nike Swift Team Canada jersey in size 56 and it fit me almost as tight as a 50 Reebok. 

Yes, my (admittedly limited) experience with Swifts is more like yours, rather than the previous posters’.   I usually wear 46-50 2.0’s, and I wear a 54 Canada Swift.

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