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  1. @KB67 that black and white Canucks Skate crest is sick! Who made that for you?
  2. Set tag says it is Set 1 of 4! That's wild they are wearing that many. Most MGG teams are wearing 2 sets.
  3. Amazing pieces Perth. Where are you guys finding the blank Blues 3rd MICs? Feel like there has been a bunch popping up of late.
  4. I was referring to Canada's (the Swift material). The current Canada WJC design in Flo-Knit would be amazing. Wish they would use it...
  5. I would be concerned about the material of the jerseys as well. The WJC Nike's material feels like a cross between a rain slicker and a trash bag. Not a fan, personally.
  6. I'm impressed you sold a blank VGK 52 for $600! Best of luck in your efforts to get reimbursed.
  7. When you say "selling it at retail" where will that be? At Wells Fargo team store or MGG?
  8. According to MGG, several of their program teams are planning on wearing their Reverse Retros 6 times and that they've been told there will be 2 sets made available, so each set will be worn for only 3 games. I also saw a post from Winnipeg, and their schedule only shows them wearing their RRs twice. They are still wearing their Aviator 3rds a bunch, maybe 6-8 games as I recall.
  9. Beauty. Still love that design. Are you going to keep it blank or get it personalized?
  10. Right there with ya. Curious to know what issues @Devilsguy had. Can help us all
  11. Hit a Ross in Chester County and it had over a dozen Kings Home Indos ranging in size from 50-56 but no MiC SS20s. Unlucky.
  12. It's surprising to see that the team had so many of them made, considering that they only wore the style for the one outdoor game (albeit with multiple sets, i.e.: one for each period) and then another set for one home game. The Kings run their own GW/GI jersey program and seeing how they blew out a ton of home and away blank MiCs for $200 this past spring, it's surprising that they would end up through the discount channel of Ross for $15 at retail rather than keep that revenue for themselves.
  13. Whoa! How does that happen?
  14. That's wild. I searched completed listings and there's been 14 blank Kings SS20 sold in the past 2-3 days, many of which are as low as 249.99! Sellers vary from several different southern states -- Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. Some of the sellers have both Kings game-style and Avs practice jerseys. Wonder where they're coming from?
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