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  1. furiousd

    eBay version 4.0

    How did you find that? I used a site called slabwatch that supposedly shows actual selling prices, and it said it sold full price.
  2. They were definitely different patches. The orange one was larger, so you can't alter a "regular" one to make an orange border one. There was a guy on FB who had some excellent repros, supposedly done by the original shop.
  3. Have you ever considered shill bidding your own stuff? If you win, blam! You just cut out the middleman!
  4. Use one of the actual price lookup sites. It sold for 425. https://130point.com/sales/
  5. And the soap opera ends with it selling for 425. I wonder if he'll realize at some point that getting himself blocked from the FB groups could end up costing him much more than 200 bucks...
  6. My local Ross/Maxx/Marshall's are so lousy, I'll gladly forgo the tiny possibility of finding a gem, if it means I never have to step foot in them again.
  7. I don't think you need to feel bad. I've gotten those messages as a seller before - "hey you could have sold that for way more! hey cancel and I'll pay you more!" Lots of jerks out there. You could try to report this stuff, but what's eBay gonna do? Escort him to the PO to make sure he ships it? Take the listing down and police his account to make sure he can't sell it? Nah. Best just to forget about it.
  8. Oh well. The sun still came up today. I had a feeling it would happen, and I would wager that TML's explanation is correct. Have at it, Bob! I'm out, just on the principle of the thing.
  9. And seller cancelled it already. Back up BIN 750. 😐
  10. It me. Wife walked up to ask about dinner. "JUST A SEC I'M BUSY"
  11. If it wasn't for the rounded interior corners, I might say just replace the nameplate and call it good. But I can't un-see those corners.
  12. Yeah, pretty much the whole kit is a little off. All Star patch looks like a repro, but a decent one.
  13. No duty from the customs review, I take it?
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