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  1. Later homies. Thanks for the memories and the helpful information to help my addiction.
  2. My gut tells me there is a change coming. Why would they discount current model jerseys so much? I don’t know the specific details around the changes but there is something going on.
  3. It’s my best guess. There have been a bunch of MIC stuff like Ducks 25th anniversary, Caps red thirds among other game jerseys and practice jerseys.
  4. The stuff from Ross/TJ has had those stickers on the tag. I think another $17.99/$8.99 special selling for $$$
  5. Just use Canada Post. They been good recently. Back to normal speeds
  6. Hayes is wearing the wrong gloves
  7. Thanks for putting it all back together for us. Definitely going to check out the store!
  8. They had Thrashers 2.0 TI jerseys for $39. We made up a whole home and away set for our beer league team back then. Fully customized with edge plates too. unfortunately our play didn’t match our style...
  9. This is a game changer. I didn’t know they made a blocker for the iPhone. Use it on chrome on my laptop
  10. These constant ad screens are getting really annoying. It also prevents the pages from loading properly which it then sends me back to the main page to then see another ad...
  11. Well the other part is if we are a small business then we should be able to claim losses - especially Mfitz when he sells his jerseys for 50% of what he paid for them
  12. Anyone using eBay managed payments? i got an email today from them about my account moving to that platform in July. ive got some questions about this: 1. Does this make it easier for them to report sales to our government to collect taxes / report income that we need to pay tax on? 2. Can we choose not to participate? 3. What are the major drawbacks? my jaded opinion of most things is that they implement change to give them more profit and less value for sellers. I don’t sell much on there but I’d prefer not to deal with their BS
  13. Looking for a Mikita 21 hawks patch as well. The ones on eBay are awful.
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