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When did the AHL switch from the vector logo to the wordmark?

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Same year as the NHL, 2011/12.  Depending on which model jersey you got, you probably only have a choice of one or two seasons at most, since the jersey styles changed in 2013, and the league switched to CCM in 2014.

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Then you can only do 2011/12 or 2012/13 accurately.

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7 minutes ago, furiousd said:

There's a couple NHL guys on those rosters, at least.  Or Maxime Fortunus.  He sounds like a gladiator!

My God, that IS a gladiator name if I ever heard one. 

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This guy would presumably be a foul: 


The jersey looks the same from 09-10, but it must have been a vector logo rather than wordmark?

Another lifer on Texas is Morin, he holds most scoring records on the club.  Other NHLers from 2011-13 are Larsen (VAN) , Jo. Benn (MTL), Dillon (SJS), Sceviour (FLA), Chiasson (CGY), Riley Smith (VGK) , Oleksiak (DAL) or fan favorite (and despised by all other teams and fanbases)... Roussel (DAL)

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