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  1. Too bad, but hopefully we'll continue the talk over on the jersey page. See you guys over there.
  2. Cannot wait for 94-04! That's some great info on the tagging. Had no idea some teams only had a size tag mid 90s and no CCM tag. I always thought the tag was probably washed out and to make the jersey seem less used the owner just removed the washed out tag. Guess not. Gotta be some anomolies on the CCM vs Ultrafil/Air Knit tag. I've got a Devils Christmas Tree with the CCM tag. Last year they wore that style was the 91-92 season, but maybe it was made at a later date??
  3. I sweat the smaller details less and less the longer I'm in the hobby. I could care if the placement of a letter or patch is fractionally off. If it's close good enough for me, if it's obvious I'll switch it up. I like to match the tagging and patches when I can but again I'm starting to worry about it less and less, I don't imagine it hurts the value. And like Van67 said, if you're not even collecting the players correct size the other minor details shouldn't throw you off. Gotta ask though, how in the hell do you determine it's 95 tagging in that jersey from that frontal pic? T
  4. ^^ Nice one! Still not pleased with Maroon for spoiling the Stars run in 2019 though. Just got this one in today, will be a MacKinnon soon! Size 56, stripped gamer, don't think you can get these other than a gamer and I know who's got the MacKinnon gamer and he won't be selling so this is the best I could do.
  5. Size 56 - Stars Reverse Retro MIC - was a Dowling gamer but cleaned up perfectly. The nameplate was done on Reebok Edge material so I'll get Keener to replicate that. The green in the jersey is so much more impressive than the lighting in this photo shows. Newly reacquired - Saint John Flames size 56
  6. Thanks! I'm thinking it would be tough to find those patches too, but maybe having them made is the way to go. I have close up pics of the patches in my Flickr if you want and I'd be happy to provide measurements.
  7. 2 new ones I'm thrilled to add to my IHL collection 1996 Las Vegas Thunder Demitra alternate gamer - size 56. One large slash mark on the crest otherwise clean. He'd only play 20 some games with the Thunder so the alternate was probably barely used. 1996 Phoenix Roadrunners Alternate size 56. Love the chainstitched logo and the kit is nice finished with glacier twill
  8. Solid pickups in here this week! Love all the RRs and that Sittler is unreal. I've sourced the same tag for one of my North Stars rawlings. Also I think that Hershey bauer is fire, I love that white version with the crimson accents, a jersey I'd love to own.
  9. Size 56 CCM Quicklite. Just got this one in, kid might be a good one 28 points 15 games in the WHL as a 15 year old.
  10. JJM4


    Ah well, ok, saves me having to read the comments, nice jersey anyway.
  11. JJM4


    Gotta be BS, I'm going to read the comments on it later and will see if everything checks out. I'm on the case, I'll report back.
  12. JJM4


    Wow crazy, if the story is actually true. That's some sick ROI on a 50 cent Coffey gamer.
  13. JJM4


    You guys want to hear of a good deal... I'd link you to it but I think you have to join the group on FB for access. Anyway, in the Detroit Red Wings GW group a guy posted a goodwill find. A TBTC Coffey 77 with A and all the Eastside tagging of a gamer/GI. He got it for a whopping $0.50!
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