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  1. Wow lots of nice additions today! I always enjoy seeing the new goods come through, keep it up!
  2. It's definitely not match worn. It's a replica fan jersey as you can tell by the sizing in the neck tag being a LG. Game worn jerseys are authentic quality and come with numbered sizes... 54 56 58 etc. and also have other authentic features the replicas don't have including double sewn elbows and a fight strap. The quality of the number kit looks ok, but regardless of that, the jersey itself is not game quality. Nice jersey but it's not worth a whole lot I wouldn't think. ~$100 give or take.
  3. JJM4

    Measurements Help

    Thanks for getting the measurements. Are these kits stacked or kiss cut?
  4. That's a pretty speedy turnaround. I've got one custom and a few small fixes to go their way soon, this inspires some confidence. The last one I got back from them the work was absolute perfection too.
  5. Seems like you're getting screwed by everyone. CBSA held my EPS package for a week and a different package for a day or two, and these are in the last month. I've seen no significant delay coming from USA to Canada. Also EPS does the lower package value for me all the time without asking for it, not sure why they'd refuse if you've requested it. I'd say that's odd but wish you better luck on future packages. Only thing I can think of is I never send more than 2 jerseys to EPS at a time so maybe with a smaller package coming back they're more comfortable listing a lower value??
  6. Thanks! And nice looking couple jerseys there for you too! That Freddie Arenas GC is spectacular
  7. Last package I sent was a total of 10 days from the time I sent to when the recipient on the eastern seaboard got it. I'd use Canada Post. And I don't think it's any quicker to just order kits from EPS and the cost is the same whether they sew or not. I'd just leave them in EPS' hands, they do such great work. And as a plus they always send at a low value with no customs fees on return.
  8. Well I had to give to get on this one. By far my biggest of a handful of trades I've ever pulled off. Gave up a Sakic rookie for it, but I'm just sorta happy to not have to deal with the vinyl fleur de lys cracking I guess is my jerstification on doing the trade. 2004 World Cup of Hockey Winnipeg Falcons Team Canada Lemieux
  9. You know I figured something out this week that I really should have figured out years ago. Going North and South while stripping numbers is super quick and easy. But the east and west can be trickier. I always had issue cutting into the numbers with the seam ripper. Well guess what?? when you flip the seam ripper over so it's facing down if you will, it glides much easier than if it's faced upward. Talk about a guy not adapting, I've probably stripped 40 jerseys and just figured this out this past week.😁
  10. Woww, man is that ever nice! Love the spacing of the numbers as I'll assume that's correct to the gamer.
  11. Good question, I know for IHL jerseys and NHLPA 90s jerseys in Bauer they come in 44, just by doing an ebay search. However no International jerseys came up so I can't be 100% sure if they make them in 44, but I would almost guess that they do. A 48 in Bauer would be comparable to a 52 in Reebok Edge, 24-25 pit to pit.
  12. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    Nice. Welcome to the addiction!
  13. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    Dinglebears accepts offers but he doesn't take much off. I tried to get a Rimouski jersey from him but he wouldn't budge much on price so I passed, but he'll like do a smallish like 10% discount.
  14. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    I'd say it's legit just based on the fight strap attachment.
  15. You've gotta enter them in this form I adjusted them to above... but under Other Media > Insert Image from url People can now click on these link above too in order to view it...
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