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  1. Two more pickups courtesy of eBay and Reddit respectively. That's now three Blackhawks practice jerseys and 2/3 on-ice. All that's left to do is find the white one. There was one on eBay for $75 but I hesitated because I was buying the next jersey in this post and someone else got it before me. This one's a cool piece. There aren't that many differences between this prototype and the jerseys that made it to the ice.
  2. They don't need to. The COVID chip takes care of that. /s
  3. https://goldinauctions.com/2010_Sergei_Gonchar_Vancouver_Olympics_Game_Used__-LOT38650.aspx I'm having a hard time finding pictures of any other gamers, but the 2010 whites were layered.
  4. I scored a prototype of the Ducks' Edge throwback on eBay. I'm not sure what's different between the prototype and the on-ice jerseys but it's still awesome to pick up one of the jerseys I've wanted for years. The previous owner stripped off the ANAHEIM nameplate and the number 13, but there's still evidence of the strip. I'm thinking I may have it done up as a Getzlaf, which should cover the number pretty well, and I'm hoping that the nameplate will be sufficient to reuse.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/370887463257 Is that legit or not? I picked up a Ducks anniversary TI throwback so I need the patch.
  6. It might only be a replica and it might not be my size, but considering that the only other Nike option is a TI/GI/GW and there is little to no chance of me ever getting one, I’ll settle for this. This one will be a Maddie Rooney. If I can somehow find two more of the royal blues, I’ll have one done for each Lamoureux sister.
  7. Two more MIC pickups. So now I have both of the 2020 Stadium Series jerseys. My God, they are ugly.
  8. EPS did the lettering for the Blackhawks' Pride Night warmups tonight. I asked them on Facebook if they're going to be doing the Blackhawks' lettering going forward.
  9. Another couple of pickups: I was thinking about stripping this and having it redone as a 2000-01 with the 75th anniversary patch but as far as I can tell, the customization is accurate so I don't want it to go to waste. It's going to stay as is. I'm leaning towards Oshie on this one.
  10. Some recent random-Arse pickups: First, I jumped on the dirt cheap blank military/practice jerseys bandwagon. And then I grabbed an ultrafil Mighty Ducks. I don't know what my player plans for any of these are at this time.
  11. Not specifically. The colors and font are a reference to the Boston Marathon finish line.
  12. Is a size 46 Indo 2019 ASG going to have a normal-sized crest? I need the crest for my military jersey and it's cheap.
  13. That is a must-have. It's too bad they'll never see the light of day unless one of the players wants to part ways with them.
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