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  1. Maybe the pandemic will force them to move to Wood Buffalo temporarily.
  2. A couple recent arrivals: Both from eBay and quite reasonably priced. The Mighty Ducks jersey has been a white whale of mine and the plan for it once I got one was to have it done as a 2003 SCF Kariya, but this one is autographed by JS Giguere so I'm just going to have his name/number on it instead even though it's not a GC. I'll just have to find another CCM.
  3. Blake's isn't sketchy at all. They just have a particular old-school way of doing business. If you want sketchy, go to Custom Crafted.
  4. And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaaaay.
  5. Signs point to them becoming the full-time primaries.
  6. That’s a shame. This is probably going to sell for real cheap.
  7. Did the Oilers ever wear a Cosby small block CCM?
  8. TBH, the more I look at it, the more it looks like the patch isn't even stitched down.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224017574908 The jersey itself looks fine. How’s the patch?
  10. My Kings MIC blanks came in the other day.
  11. I went ahead and picked up a 58G white and a 56 black. That's a pretty good deal for team stock.
  12. And that's probably fine with Jacobs. I'm betting that the matching plates means a higher cost and we all know that higher costs are to Jeremy Jacobs what garlic is to vampires.
  13. No, they won't. Yes, that's correct. Cutting Edge started doing the Avs this year. TBH, given what I've heard about Cutting Edge, I wouldn't trust them to do anything other than current Avs jerseys.
  14. From everything I've heard, I seem to be one of the lucky ones. Not only have I never had a customer service issue with EPS (the single time they made a mistake on one of my orders, they fixed it at no cost to me other than paying to ship the jersey back to them) but I also got my order back from Bobcat in a reasonable timeframe.
  15. I sent my Vegas and 2018 US Olympic jerseys in. They’ll be Fleury, Karlsson (both with the NHL 100 and inaugural season patches) and Kessel respectively. It would’ve been five jerseys if I’d pulled the trigger on the two USA WCOH jerseys from JB but I haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t expect to get those back for at least six months. That’s fine by me.
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