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  1. Not specifically. The colors and font are a reference to the Boston Marathon finish line.
  2. Is a size 46 Indo 2019 ASG going to have a normal-sized crest? I need the crest for my military jersey and it's cheap.
  3. That is a must-have. It's too bad they'll never see the light of day unless one of the players wants to part ways with them.
  4. https://twitter.com/AnaheimDucks/status/1374812346120425474?s=20
  5. Yeah, I'm wondering the same. They also have navy blue practice jerseys as well. Someone suggested that I send it to EPS instead since they'll probably have the nameplate material in the proper color and they can do the Hawks' kits accurately anyway since they do the IceHogs' jerseys.
  6. What are the chances that City Sports has yellow Adidas nameplates? I picked up a cheap Adidas Blackhawks yellow practice jersey and I'd like to get it done up properly even though yellow practice jerseys have never been used on-ice.
  7. I've got another order to send to Bobcat. I'm hoping that it's a similar timeframe to my last order. I sent it in and got it back in a similar length of time to what EPS would do. It's the only time I've worked with Bobcat but I didn't experience the "you should've sent it in two years ago to get it customized now" timeframe that so many people talk about.
  8. That would be correct, as the other two Cups in the dynasty were in 2013 and 2015.
  9. Where'd you get the ASG? That's my plan for my blank as well.
  10. It helps that they're only doing two teams total. I don't think CSL does any pro teams other than the five on their website and 3/5 aren't playing right now.
  11. We can be 100% sure that there would be a template. MLB - Nike reused Majestic's template last year and will have their own this year. NBA - Nike has a template. NFL - Nike has a template. NHL - Adidas has a template. MLS - Adidas has a template. Noticing a trend here?
  12. I don't know about 2018 but they definitely did in 2014. I have a USA Olympic TI and it's definitely Swift, not Flo-Knit.
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