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SLC Customization Error Assistance


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Hi Guys and Girls

As you are all as nitpicky as I am when it comes to proper customization on a jersey, I wanted to share my recent experience and get some feedback and potential solutions from you fine people.

I recently dropped off a number of jerseys for SLC to customize for me, specifically a few IIHF Nike Swift Jerseys. I ordered up the proper nameplates and numbers from EPS (swift material with clean heat pressed letters on the nameplate).

When I picked them up on Friday, I thought something was off about them but I couldnt put my finger on it until this evening.

During the process to attach the nameplates and numbers, the ladies in the stitch shop stitched all the letters to the nameplate and then stitched the nameplates to the jerseys.

Normally the solution would be - strip and replace the nameplates.

With Nike Swift material it isnt that simple because if you strip the nameplates, the jersey is ruined because of the holes and white inside shows through. Also, we cannot simply remove the stitching from around the letters because then there will be noticable holes around each letter.

Further, SLC does not have black swift material and rarely has red swift material.

One thought I had was for them to create / order new nameplates that had the proper customization that were slightly taller and wider than before so it would hide the evidence of stipping. Would this work?

I've spent over $1000 on 3 jerseys not even including the cost for the lettering kits from EPS that were dead on to the authentic customization of the 2010 olympics and 2014 olympics. At this point with this error on the jerseys I dont even want to have them anymore because they arent authentic to what was worn and not what I had asked them to do - starting over is impossible as well because of the jerseys simply not being available anymore.

I would appreciate any ideas that any of you fine people may have to help me out.

thank you in advance


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Here is an easy option.

Strip the nameplate first. Then seam rip the stitched on letters. Remove the letters from the plate. You will have a nameplate now that has hole marks from the stitching. Have new letters cut and heat pressed on the nameplate over the old letter outline. This will in essence restore the nameplate to what it should be. Then simply re sew the nameplate back down where it was. If they simply start the sewing in the same spot or hole the thread pattern will follow the old holes and be virtually invisible.

I'm not suggesting you do it all yourself, if the company decided to go do it on there own then they should be willing to correct it for you.

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They got back to me and said that they would replace the nameplates at no charge by reordering from EPS.

Only challenge is stripping the messed up nameplate which they may not do cleanly on the swift material. I'm just hoping it all works out in the end

I know they're experts but definitely not with swift material - neither am I for that matter. I guess I just have to hope it works out okay. I will make sure the nameplates are slightly larger to cover the stripping properly.

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The nameplate on the 2014 USA swifts were FREEDOM stitched. I believe it's the same as what inferior countries refer to as straight stitched.

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Can anyone elaborate on this different stitching? I am sending a 2010 Team Canada and 2014 Team Canada jersey to EPS and I would love to get the proper stitching down as well. From pictures of a 2010 gamer's number, it looks like a zig-zag stitch, but does anyone have pictures of the "freedom stitching" on the 2014 jerseys? I couldn't find anything on Google about it

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Haha alright thanks for the clarification, I finally have all the details right now thanks to all of you guys. Always learning new things

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