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  1. Been sitting on this one for awhile. Picked up the jersey about two years ago and finally got off my lazy Arse and finished it. 1976 Sittler NHL record 10 point game tribute jersey. I got the jersey completely blank along with the front crest. Made the kit and shoulder logos and sourced the Rawlings tag off an old baseball jersey. Got the blue neck lace off an old pair of shoes I had and here we are.
  2. That back 7 should be replaced as well. shouldn't have the angle cut on the right side. Honestly your better off just taking everything off and getting a whole new kit for it.
  3. Yeah, they've been doing marlies for a while now. I have a few Catstitch marlies jerseys and the nameplates on those are not serged either. I looked up their area code and it looks like they are up in the Barrie/Orillia area. Wonder why the Leafs changed from SLC. Most likely just used the leftovers from last season but had to have a couple new ones made up.
  4. Seeing a Freddie jersey on here today has angered me more than I thought it would. Freaking seeve.
  5. The swift material is called rip-stop in case anyone is wondering and yes, it f'ing sucks.

    Measurements Help

    Ok, for me I think you got legit beef about the nameplate material on the Sharks. He should have told you he doesn’t have the exact match especially since he had your jersey on hand. I’ve seen Caps gamers from that era that have the numbers “smaller” and with positioning that matches your jersey. Maybe the caps changed sizes at some point, maybe the jersey size plays a big role, no idea on that one but I’d be fine with what you got. Whalers also looks fine to me. Maybe he spaced the letters a little too close together which is why it looks different but not something he should be fo

    Measurements Help

    Can you post pictures of the jerseys in question? How do they look compared to gamers?
  8. If you spend your hard earned money on a jersey you are free to do whatever the f'ing hell you want to do to it. Don't let any of those gate keepers tell you what you can and can't do with something you own end of story.
  9. Although the Adidas made in Canada jerseys are not sold at retail they are out there to purchase. As time passes more and more will eventually make their way out to the online marketplace and it’s not too difficult to find them now for most teams. They are pricey but out there if you want one bad enough.
  10. TMLFAN

    eBay version 4.0

    The kit is what makes that jersey 😉
  11. TMLFAN

    eBay version 4.0

    Blasphemy. You always need one more
  12. TMLFAN

    eBay version 4.0

    They are a member here.
  13. The Islanders wearing a wave jersey was right there but leave it to old man Lou to suck the fun out of everything. I like the Leafs jersey except for the logo. Could have went with the early 00's alt logo or the heritage logo.
  14. This kind of gimmicky crap is cool for teams like Dallas or Tampa or Nashville etc. It's kinda fun to see new stuff being thrown out there but the original six teams with historic jerseys like the Leafs or Hawks better not try junk like this.
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