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Vancouver Millionaires

CJ Matthews

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Very interesting stuff.


Also possible that they will wear this for one game...


That's pretty sharp. I like the patch on the green and blue jerseys. The pants/shorts look terrible though.

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They must wear the Millionaires jersey if for just one reason, to raise the awareness of Cyclone Taylor.


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With it seeming like they'll wear the Millionaires jersey vs Detroit.... It would be pretty badass if the wings threwback to their original location, old time rivals Victoria Cougars (Redwings) vs the Millionaires (Canucks)

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If these end up at auction, expect them to go for THOUUUUUUUSANDS. Even the scrubs and unused ones.

The Canucks gameworn program will be selling a set. Unfortunately, someone asked about the Malhotra before me, so I am number 2 on the list if they decide the price is too high. Canucks have not decided on pricing yet.

Based on how he worded the reply ("we will be selling a set") they will likely be wearing a set per period, and possibly a set for warmups.

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