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  1. Thanks man. It is the current looking road white.
  2. Has anyone had an old Reebok edge Flyers jersey customized by Philly Express recently? A buddy living in Florida asked me to have an edge 2.0 customized for him. I called the NE Philly Skatezone and they said Philly Express could handle it but has anyone here recently had a non - current jersey customized by them?
  3. Did the Hurricanes wear the 7th Infantry Division patches on the jersey or is that your trademark?
  4. The rep I talked to at the AHL store said that they won't be selling authentics this year, but individual team stores may have them.
  5. Have you put in the order with PE yet? PM me if you are willing to take an order for me.
  6. I called the AHL store and left a message asking whether they'd be getting authentic jerseys for retail this year. I'll let you know what I hear.
  7. Here is the info on the nameplates- definitely ultrafil. http://forums.icejerseys.com/index.php?showtopic=3000&hl=%2Bultrafil+%2Bwinter+%2Bclassic#entry42320 Here is the jersey Brilliant helped do for me. We stripped the letters from a current Philly Express twill plate that I had on there: The patch looks good to me.
  8. I agree. I wouldn't hate something like the 2012 WC jersey. I never liked the black jerseys, and I love their current home/away jerseys.
  9. I'm pissed I missed out on that size 50. I'm still looking to pick up a 1.0 in that style because the player I want to patch it up for only wore vectors.
  10. http://www.broadstreethockey.com/2014/7/8/5882199/flyers-third-jersey-alternate-2014-2015 My guess is they bring back a black jersey.
  11. I hate all of the SS jerseys except for the Devils jerseys. It definitely looks less crowded than the NJD v NYR game.
  12. Do it. I did the same thing for one of my Darroll Powe Flyers jerseys. To my knowledge he only wore #63 for one pre-season game, which I believe was his NHL debut, and then switched to #36. I made up an authentic with the #63 and then was able to buy the actual jersey from Meigray.
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