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Photo Matching with Hockey Cards


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Today I was going through some of my reference pics that I use for cresting jerseys and photo matching, and something about the following photo jumped out at me.

Pavel Bure was named a starter to the 1995-96 All Star game to be played in Boston for the Western Conference.

However due to injury Pavel never played in the All Star Game.

In the 95-96 Season he changed his number to 96 and wore it throughout the next 2 full years.

The photo above is from a Parkhurst set and clearly shows Bure in a Western Conference jersey with the #10 and the Boston ASG patch.

Considering this is an impossibility it leads only to the fact that Parkhurst had used a 1994 photo of bure from the NYR all star game and retouched the shoulder patch to update it to the 96 ASG.

Leads me to have less confidence in "photo matching" if this is so easily done by the card companies.

Anybody else encounter this before?

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Interesting observation. In the player introductions for the 1996 game though, Bure was introduced as number 10, although he wasn't wearing his uniform. Maybe his '96 uniform really did have 10 on it.

However, the jersey collar in your picture does seem to look more like the '94 model, with an inner white band surrounded by a gray band. The '96 jersey had an outer white band with an inner black one. It almost looks like there are 3 bands in the photo! It's hard to tell whether they doctored the patch or the collar...

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The jersey Bure is wearing is absolutely 100% a 94 All-Star jersey no doubt about it. You can tell by the collar since the 94's had the white/grey collar and the 96, 97's had a black/white collar. The patch in the card has to be photoshopped on like chow-hound thought.

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Yep, photoshopped

Hockey card companies have been known to do this, as evidenced with one of the more popular examples below


Wanting to get Lindros into the set, they photoshopped his head onto the body of another player since they did not have an action shot of him with the Flyers when the set was being printed.....

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It must be something lately but I just encountered another anomoly while watching the 1993 Division Semi Finals between the Winnipeg Jets and the Vancouver Canucks.

In games 1 and 2 the Jets were on the Road and Selanne was wearing the normal Road Blue jersey with the 100th Anniversary Stanley Cup Patch that was the Jets exclusive Red Border and Blue Background patch.

Then in Game 5 back in Vancouver Selanne scores and in the celebration huddle you can clearly see he has a brand new jersey and low and behold he is the only player on the Jets to have the White Bordered 92-93 Patch. Goes to show there are some random one game jersey styles, I found it very interesting.

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interesting you bring this up i was doing some work for Classic auctions here in Montreal trying to photo match a few jerseys, they have a incredible library to work with and i came across a jimmy waite #60 upper deck card. The reason i was looking for Jimmy Waite's rookie card was because Jimmy Waite only wore #60 on his rookie jersey i believe he played 6 games for the hawks his rookie season. Here is the kicker Jimmy Waite played with #60 in a 1970's gunzo shirt for both his home and away jersey, now many ask how the heck could a go lie in the late 80's be playing with a shirt from the 70's?

Well the late owner being notoriously cheap decided that he would not spend needlessly and got 2 old hawks jerseys both formerly #20 and recycle the jerseys. The Hawks are notorious for Recycling jerseys but what was even crazier was to see a 20 year style difference in jerseys. Well not knowing what i would see when i looked up the Jimmy Waite Upper deck rookie card i noticed the jersey he is wearing in the card does not match the jersey consigned, in the picture i can't tell what jersey he is wearing but it is definitely not a 70's gunzo hawks. So i decided to check the validity of the entire theory that Jimmy Waite so i looked up who consigned the jersey well without telling you who it is (he should know if he wore it or not) he is quite credible.

So i was trying to understand why a card company wouldn't have a pic of him in the jersey, that is when someone i was working with reminded me that card companies took most of the pics of the players in preseason games (most player were there) and they were always present at rookie camps.

So basically a card company can use promotional pics, pre season pics, past seasons nd even in some rare instances photoshop pics. However that being said i still believe in photo matching but always double check the photo match you never know!

On a side note after looking at the jersey closely i managed to find there was number change indeed, and probably for a couple thousand buck you guys will be able to own the cheapest example of blackhawks ownership ever!

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Interesting stories, gentlemen. And you all make good points. I guess one can be skeptical toward hockey cards when trying to photo match jerseys. I used to collect hockey cards when I was younger, but I never really payed that much attention to them when looking at them from a "jerseys" perspective. The only things I cared about were that, it looked like the actual player, the team's uniform was correct, and it was a decent photo of the player. :lol: But this is a great way to use hockey cards, if in fact one can determine the player is not photoshopped on the card and there are no major or minor errors with the jersey (and patches). Very interesting.

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