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  1. All I can say is wow , am i ever happy i opened that box lol i remember buying them for 99$ lol
  2. So i did a quick clean up of my closet and i found 4 centennial jerseys of the canadiens The 1910-1911 red jersey The 1910 blue jersey The 1912-1913 barber pole and lastly the 1915 red and blue canadiens jersey they are edge 1.0 still in the plastic , so inwent on ebay to see what they are selling at and i saw 700$ is this really the value??
  3. so i check out his other stuff and first thing i see is quite the collectible http://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Decks-Gay-Adult-Film-Star-JEFF-STRYKER-Collectors-Poker-Playing-Cards-New-/380859140206?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58acf9486e hurry before slim jumps on these lol
  4. Slim's edited version -( i like my original version better oh well) Just let it go, i don't agree with your opinion and you don't agree with mine, i have no issue with that. TMLFAN i respectfully disagree 100% with your opinion if you want to talk about the issue pm but otherwise we all know where we stand and we continue to go on and on for no real reason. Let's get back to deals and steals....
  5. thanks for your 2 cents, coming from a guy that strips gamers am sure that opinion is not biased! Card companies buy jerseys of star players and cut them up into little pieces i guess thats ok too? they own the jerseys right?
  6. in my opinion a game issued jersey is no different then a retail jersey. If the jersey was never worn then it holds no significance historically to the game or player in my eyes. Like i said earlier the issue arises when people destroy gamers of lesser know players , if you want an example in the 80's people murdered even good player jerseys to make 99's. I have come cross even good players who have felt the wrath of terrible collectors a Randy Gregg, a Charlie Huddy turned into a 99 . Many also strip preseason jerseys , personally i would not do this but i can understand some people might
  7. Angelo very well said , to answer your question ; i understand many teams recycled jerseys and as collectors that is out of our control. The jerseys that were recycled are less valuable then jerseys that were not recycled. I dont want to beat a dead horse but the issue i have with stripping is when a collector decided to take a GAME WORN jersey of a lesser player to make it into a player of his choice.
  8. I simply stated that edge jerseys are a bad investement compared to jerseys from the 80's and 90's. everything we buys as collectors is eventually sold.
  9. Obviously everybody buys jerseys because they like the jerseys they are buying. I stated that EDGE jersey are bad investments because they are worn sometime for only a period and often have little wear. Why not invest that money in a 80' or 90's jersey which holds value and has wear. Slim's edit - let's all be nice, pls.
  10. i stay away from anything edge unless its a big name player, i think its a very bad investment buying these edge jerseys, that's just my opinion.
  11. just seems not to make sense because gamers with little wear suck
  12. i don't want to shyt on anyone parade here but i have a question to ask. There is something i don't understand why would someone buy a jersey of a fringe Nhl'er that was worn for max 8 games when they can for the same price buy a jersey of a fringe NHL'er of the 80's and 90's. The shirt form the 80's and 90's will have tons of wear compared to a jersey that you buy nowadays. Is it because people are fans of these current players?
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