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Indo Edge 7231 size question - do they run much big compared to Edge 7187 1.0 jerseys?


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So, simple question, does the Indo ege jersey run much bigger than the edge 7187 jerseys? 

I bought my first indo edge size 46.  And when I got it, I thought it looked big.

So I decided to compare it to my 1.0 edge 7187 jerseys.

The width of the bottom hem was 26.5" on the size 46 indo edge.

I then put a size 50 edge 7187 on top and found out the 46 indo was still wider.

When I put on a size 52 edge 7187, they had about the same width.

I am just baffled the indo edge 46 had the same width as a 52 7187 edge.


Is this the real sizing of the indo edge jerseys? Or have I received a size 46 that maybe the Indonesian factorys have messed up?

I only have one indo edge jersey, so I can not tell if this is faulty jersey or not.

Does anyone have a size 46 indo that they can measure the bottom hem of to compare?

To see where I measured the width at the bottom hem, check this pic: I measured where the jerseys is widest)

I dont own that Ducks jersey btw, its only a random indo edge picture I used to show where I took the measurements.




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8 minutes ago, gwarjis said:

I don't have exact measurements for you, but Indo edge are supposed to like the 2.0s, except cheaper, so they should run bigger.

Aren’t Indos cut more like 1.0’s, especially the sleeves?

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Via Jersey Baron:

Reebok Edge 2.0 7287 Authentic Jersey

Size AArmit to Armpit BTop to Bottom Hem CSleeve to Center of Collar
46 21 31 1/4 31 1/2
50 23 32 32 1/4
52 24 32 1/2 33
54 25 32 3/4 33 3/4
56 26 33 34 1/2
58 27 33 34 1/2
58+ 28 34 35
60 28 34 35

Reebok Edge 7231 Authentic Jersey

Size AArmit to Armpit BTop to Bottom Hem CSleeve to Center of Collar
46 21 1/2 32 32
50 23 1/2 32 1/2 32 1/2
52 24 33 33 1/4
54 25 33 1/2 34
56 26 33 3/4 34 3/4
60 28 34 1/2 35 1/2
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Thanks for all the input. But baron does not measure at the bottom hem width. I have no idea where he has measured the armpit to armpit to be honest. Its not clear cut where to measure that.


I asked a random private person seller on ebay that had a size 46 Indo and he claimed the width was 24.5”.  

I have nothing to back it up with, but I suspect I have gotten a factory defect jersey. Either the size tagging is wrong, or the jersey is too big for a normal size 46. I cant imagine they meant people normally using a size 52 jersey now have to buy a size 46 indo edge. 

What happens to everyone normally wearing size 46 and 50? They just have to bite the dust and wear a too big jersey. Not smart. But the indo edge as an idea is terrible, so would not suprise if they blew the size chart as well.

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