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  1. Why is there a million LA kings adizero home jerseys on ebay on the cheap? Are the Kings retiring that jersey or what?
  2. Is there a certain date for when 3rd jerseys for all teams will be confirmed? Or will some teams announce them like 1 day before the season begins?
  3. So we are entering the 4th season with Adidas and they have kept the same system thus far. With almost every shop everywhere dumping prices like insane, is there any chance that there might be changes made? We saw MICs being sold in smaller sizes on the all star jerseys. Is it possible the MICS might enter retail at for example 300$? Or are the shops just clearing stock because of corona? I just dont understand why places seem to want to clear everything at any cost if the teams will be wearing the same jerseys next season and everything will stay the same. Just wanted to throw it ou
  4. That would be terrific, thanks for info. How is it looking with 3rd jerseys for next season now? Has the corona made everything uncertain? It seems Florida has scrapped the idea of a 3rd jersey. Will the Blues bring back the retro version they used this season?
  5. Will the Arizona Coyotes wear the Kachina jersey next season? Or was it only a one year thing? I am not exactly sure whats going on with me, but I almost had a panic attack thinking about them retiring the jersey again.....
  6. Thank you. That confirmed my belief. And also explains why I of course missed out on the size 52 VGK jerseys as I am sure they sold out quickly! Lets just hope the MICs will be available more broadly at some point in time.
  7. Thats excellent news, that means a few of these will make it to us. I thought maybe the size 52 would be a part of Adidas first batch and then vanish. I guess size 52 will be the hardest to find?
  8. Does any players actually wear 52? It would seem to be a very tight fit...
  9. Thanks guys. Bummer, I was getting my hopes up that there was a tiny tiny chance that the purple were going to return :-)
  10. When you sift you can come across the real finds however, someone listing some very rare jersey from the 80s for like 25$ without knowing what it is and without item specifics etc, just some pics. Those jerseys are not picked up by saved searches obviously.
  11. Hehe. I would like for the purple to return But I guess thats very unlikely to happen!
  12. Interesting. Is the new jersey concept leaked yet?
  13. Thats my theory yes. As I dont own a size 52 I can not tell. But when I put a size 54 MIC over a 52 TI 2.0 they have the same width in the waist area and aprox same armpit to armpit measurements, and I get the impression that its the same sizing. Which would make sense since adidas has been pimping their "snuck fit" for maximum performance etc. But since I only have one MIC size 54, I am not jumping the gun without confirmation from folks who has multiple of them!
  14. Indeed. Especially size 52s, they are not easy to find at all. Is is it correct that a size 54 MIC adidas have the same body size as a size 52 team issued 2.0 reebok edge? From the size 54 adidas MIC I have that seems to be the case...
  15. Bonko9: I am putting most effort on saved ebay searches rather than specific sellers. I have set up a list of key words and also narrowed it down with sizes etc. It means I get like 100 search hits to my email every day or so. I think that covers things pretty well. Obviously you are missing out on some, but thats hard to avoid. With facebook, I did that for a while, but most of the time any jerseys I would be interested in sold within 2 hours of being listed and I got tired of it :-) Also its nice to get a break from the jersey collecting while browsing facebook, haha.
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