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Possible to remove/reduce pulls in fabric?

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I like to think I know the answer to this question, but... is there any way to reduce pulls in a jersey? Example photo is 2.0 air knit material with an outline after the crest was removed. This is after a wash and there's some lint making the lines more pronounced, but still. I'd love it if I could get them less noticeable. 



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On 5/19/2018 at 7:21 PM, mfitz804 said:

I assume you already tried pressing the hell out of it with a steam iron?

I did try using an iron and it did help. Might try again using more pressure


On 5/19/2018 at 8:07 PM, TMLFAN said:

Have you tried a fabric shaver?

I have not tried a fabric shaver although I did jokingly consider using my Mach 3 razor! We'll see how another round or two of heat pressing goes. Then I might look into picking up a fabric shaver. Thanks!

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A Mach 3 would actually work but you would need a very steady hand. I’ve heard of people using one (not for jerseys, pulling on other fabrics), but never tried one, nor would I. 

Fabric shaver was $7.99 at Target, it works pretty well. 

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Appreciate the help everyone!! Jerseys are near perfect now. Used the above recommended fabric shaver, iron, and gave them another wash to try and help with some of the lint. 

Black outline after initial crest removal


This photo makes a few places look like there's a minor outline, but I think that's mostly lint. In person it's nearly impossible to see


White outline was more pronounced


Probably need to press the right side of the jersey (left side in photo) once more, but it's not really that bad; especially when worn over pads which is what this jersey is used for



Really happy with these results so thank you! 


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