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Collection Themes and Thoughts On Jersey Fouls


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Hello all!!

First post but I have been reading and learning from all your posts for the last three months or so - thanks for sharing all the knowledge!

Thought I'd start a thread on collecting themes and styles, and generate some discussion on customization.

I decided that I finally wanted to get the jerseys that I liked as a kid - the one's I saw in my ESSO Power Players (Canadian Gas Station chain put them out in 1971) and the Loblaws grocery chain's stamps to put in a book with all the players so from the 73-74 season, IIRC.

I have been fortunate enough to pick up a mix of Premier/CCM 550s and 7287/2.0s - as many as I can find that match or closely match the jerseys from that Era, and now I'm thinking about customizing. I realize that absolute authenticity will be impossible and I'm fine with that.  I've got many players in mind that I will use and want to customize to with the right number colours and even lack of names where that matches the general layout from that Era.   The NHL Uniform database seems like a great resource for this. 

So I'm wondering if I'm the only one out there with this focus,  or even if this approach is frowned upon.  Ultimately I'm doing this to please my nostalgic impulse, so I know I'll be happy.  I also really enjoy the idea of having people get the inside meaning of customizing a Habs 2.0 with a 29 on the back even though there is no name!


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49 minutes ago, DJ Rhea said:

At the end of the day they're your jerseys for you to do with what you like. Personally not my thing. 

This is always the answer.

That being said, don't think you'll propose anything that is not 100% accurate that will not be met with some disapproval on this board!

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My take on the jersey foul is replicas are fair game since there are plenty of replicas (like certain CCM and Pro Player for example) that never had authentics made so accuracy wouldn't be 100% correct. I personally would never put a player that never wore a particular style when it comes to authentics.

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There are always levels to authenticity that we have discussed before.  Some people get so crazy that they will only put customization on the size the player wore.  So in other words, if a player wore a size 56, but my jersey was a size 52, that would be a foul.  I'm not near that level, but I still have my own levels.  I don't need everything to be 100%, like the way CSL does the Hawks 'A' and 'E', I'm fine with a Stahl's kit or something done from Keener or EPS.  However, no way I would ever put a player that didn't wear that style.  As a Hawks fan, Kane and Toews should never be on a KOHO or CCM jersey.  They never wore them, so they should never be on them.

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That actually my thinking too OR68. Authentics like Montreal, Chicago, New York, Philly and a few others have the same style as they did decades ago, so to me those are fair game - but I would definitely go without a name when that matches the year I'm choosing a player from. 

For many teams I have been getting the CCM Vintage 550s.

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