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Your Favorite Fonts


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I like jerseys, jerseys have lettering, lettering has a design, the design is made unique by its font, the font says something about the team. The font says something about you and me. Let's post some fonts.

This post was set off by a very unique lettering set for a certain Pennsylvania team. Something to do with chocolate... Thanks Brandon :thumbsup:

I'll start simple...

Bruins Winter Classic 2010


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Haha funny enough, my favorite one comes from Chocolate town.

This was actually my first authentic and it started my descent to the darkside.

4 layered numbers? You hardly ever see that anymore. It was the work of Cutting Edge.



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In terms of favorites that would definitely be number 2 for me. Looks like we're suckers for John Gray's inventive and un-copyable designs. Jersey customizers everywhere weep.

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My personal favorite font was used by the Hartford Wolf Pack from 2005-2008 and recently used by the Manchester Monarchs.

I really like the serifs on the letters, especially the diagonal crossbar on the H and style of the E and other little details like that. The numbers are great too, they really look good when triple layered kiss cut.

The same guy has done fonts for a number of minor league teams that are all fairly similar. Looking at the Steckel Hershey jersey above I wouldn't be surprised if maybe he did that one as well.




(Schenn jersey is from Hollywood Cannon's collection)

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Was there any doubt this would be my favorite font?



The best and most inventive imho.

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This looks best in my eyes. But I also like all the fonts and jerseys used in that tournament...

For example from akteon's collection:


Very classy!

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Although this is a personal name on the jersey... I always thought this number font was awesome. I miss the Vipers... =(


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Not even joking on this one but aside from the jerseys themselves the Mistral font on the Wild Wing jersey was probably the most unique as each letter itself was not the same shape as the same letter somewhere else in the name as it depended entirely on where it was in relation to the arch. While this makes customizing correctly a complete pain in the Arse it also is another reason they probably nixed it as the poor guy who had to sew them for the team must have gone insane with the extreme angles and points.

The burger king alt font also is pretty wicked and the north stars early bubble version font was cool too

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Great topic! I love it when teams go a bit out of the norm. My main collecting focus is Columbus and I'm kind of tired of their nameplate and number font over the years. I do like their third jersey font, but they only use it for the numbers. The name font is the same as they've always used, which was kind of disappointing.

I really like Boston College:


And the nameplate font on Montreal:


Also like the pre-slug Buffalo fonts:


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I've always been a huge fan of the Manitoba Moose lettering myself

Pics, man, pics!

I've always liked the 80s Leafs blocky lettering, but the numbers (especially the 3s) are awesome!







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Agree about the Wild.


AHL-wise, Manitoba Moose and Bridgeport Sound Tigers (pre-Reebok with arch nameplate and glacier twill) fonts are my favorites


No BST example :(

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