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  1. Yup. I dont have a new Sens, but the new Sabres jerseys use 100% twill crests.
  2. Anyone know if there is truth to adidas changing the jersey crests next year? Specifically, replacing the "mesh" with twill (similar to pre-adidas jerseys)?
  3. Truthfully, I was never too impressed with his work - I think there are a lot of others who are probably more accurate.
  4. The MIC look MUCH better than the Indo and it looks better when paired with equipment. Im not a fan of the white on the sleeves, but I like it better than when I first saw it. How many of us are going to own one even?
  5. I'd be surprised if they are not brought back next season.
  6. I do not believe so - I think 95-96 was the stacked twill. Things got wonky in 96-97 and 97-98.
  7. That font looks like it was the earlier 1995-1996 font https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/new-york-islanders-patrick-flatley-checks-ottawa-senators-news-photo/53124312?adppopup=true. I am not sure the exact date of the photo you posted, but sometimes Getty pics are in the wrong year / season. It's weird that the Palffy helmet doesnt have the 16 on the back. The 25th anniversary helmets (96-97) definitely had a number + JJC sticker And I am honestly not sure about the swapping of nameplate - but I have wave gamers that have kiss cut, semi-kiss cut, and stacked numbers on t
  8. They used a handful of different fonts (both for the letters and numbers). Nothing surprises me with Cutting Edge.
  9. For sure! good luck. I wish everyone a speedy-turnaround. I spoke to Eric at Stitches this past week - they are open with limited hours. They are closed on Fridays/Saturdays and don't anticipate opening on those days until they get busier in September (disclaimer: I am not saying they are or are not busy now and that things may or may not change since this post). May now be a good time to send them your Isles!
  10. That's honestly good to hear - I just mailed them stuff earlier this week (Should be delivered tomorrow). I am hoping to sneak a quick turnaround time before the pro leagues come back
  11. Langway 75th Patch ----------------------------------------- I have an 00-04 CCM NYI. I am 75% sure I want to get Vanbiesbrouck on it, but am considering Chara (have a Bruins gamer, so I do not really need another Chara in the collection), Roman Hamrlik, or Craig Berube (yes, he was an Islander for 38 games).
  12. I honestly dont even know. I called during the middle of last week and they were "open," but "not working yet." I am sure a few of the team customizers were "closed" but caught up on stuff.
  13. Long shot, but any Islanders Ryan Smyth jerseys (sz 48-56) or any blank 05-07 NYI Reeboks for sale (not looking to break the bank on a blank). Edit: Acquired an 05-07, but willing to out-right buy a Smyth than deal with EPS/Cutting Edge.
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