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  1. bump, clearing out more. This is currently all I am selling. I'll only respond to PM's with offers, I sadly don't have time for the hobby anymore as much as I'd love to chat ect.
  2. My USHL Chicago Steel jersey collection is available for sale. Hopefully it is okay to post a link to the album since the amount of photos would be a lot for this thread. The collection features a few who have played at the NHL level (John Moore, Jaccob Slavin, Andy Miele), a few that have played well at the AHL & ECHL level and some solid college players. The jerseys were all purchased through the team over the years. I'm looking for $3300 shipped obo for the collection. Would possibly entertain offers on singles but would prefer to sell it all as one. Photobucket link only seems
  3. Hey mountain king, i was searching for a jersey that belonged to Rob Globke and you (a number of years ago) advertised one from a minor league team called the Steele and wondered if you still had it or anything else with his name on it.  Doesn't have to be game worn and I can't afford too much.

    Played with him in a fund raiser last month and just thought it would be cool to have something like that.




  4. You gotta remember, just because somebody has it for sale at a certain number doesn't mean that's what it's worth. Sadly your item is only worth what somebody will pay for it at that time. Steiner and Meigray will always get more for what they sell because of who they are and buyers worried about fakes and just getting ripped off in general. They have their name backing them, but I've also noticed with Meigray they have plenty of jerseys that have sat on that site for years on end even with all the sales.
  5. This couldn't be more dead on. Authentic jerseys and game worn jerseys appeal to such a small percentage of sports fans due to the costs. A lot of guys I know got out of the hobby before it crashed too hard for many of the reasons listed here and I think they (and myself) got sick of dealing with the jersey collection population where you'd list your jersey, cut a decent deal with somebody on a forum and find it on ebay at twice the price a week later (the main reason I stopped selling here). The hobby is changing, the guys who were big into it years ago are aging and not buying and the guy
  6. Then don't wear them. Once you put them on they are no longer pristine...and honestly not knowing the history of where it's been or came from (even new) they are probably not very pristine and need to be washed after purchase. I have jerseys that I have washed numerous times and jerseys that have never been worn and other than the unworn jersey being a bit stiffer you cannot tell any difference. And seriously, go look at some gamers out there, especially from minor league teams that only get one home & away set and after a full season with washing after every game they still look fan
  7. Yes, the gamers I have the crests still are new looking after many games of use and many washes.
  8. I'm always amazed at how scared folks are to wash these things or do anything with them. You do realized they are constructed to play hockey in at the highest level with a lot of hitting/bumping ect ect. They get washed after every single game. Spot clean the thing, turn it inside out and throw it in the washer and air dry. If you'r flimsy tshirts don't fall apart in your washing machine then this will be just fine.
  9. I don't know of a single ebay seller who would prefer to sell on ebay due to their fees. I will gladly sell anything I have outside of ebay at a discount to avoid using them.
  10. I had this happen to me as a seller once and I had to file an insurance claim with the post office. It was a messy situation for me and I lost out as a seller because I was out that money until I got resolution which I did. Since then, whatever I ship I do not seal the boxes/envelopes until the post office employee verifies all the contents. They dread seeing me come in but it is what it is. If I have documentation that somebody working for the post office saw in the box and saw the box sealed then I would hope resolution would come much quicker on my end and there's also a set of eyes to
  11. Good transaction with ConcreteCharlie... negotiation was easy, payment came quick
  12. Haha...a fine Dale Tallon moment! Props
  13. It's probably not so much what he's hiding but more that you probably aren't the only one who is taking a stand to him. A lot of these hobbies have a fairly tight community and you em off it's hard to obtain the product.
  14. Exactly the reason I stopped giving deals to anybody regardless of the story. The only time I'll give a deal is if somebody buys multiple (and by multiple I'm not talking just 2). I know it's become a terrible attitude to take but the direction of the hobby has made it become that way. The worst offenders have been folks I've sold to here, luckily none of the regulars up to this point. On ebay the only deal I'll make is I'll take 10% off if somebody wants to work out a transaction outside of ebay. Otherwise, these days I'm moving stuff to clear space, I set a price and if it sells it sell
  15. I've seen a few hawks in that size but we're talking back to the 70's and early 80's when the players were a ton smaller and the protective equipment wasn't much of anything. Heck size 48 gamers were pretty common into the early 90's. Once teams started turning these guys into gym rat athletes and protective companies started making shoulder pads the size of tanks the sizing of jerseys had to go up. Patrick Kane is a good example, he currently wears a 56 but he's about Denis Savard size...Savards gamers I've seen from the 80's were CCM 48's.
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