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Slim's Disclaimer and Board Apology :)


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I'm sure most of you witnessed the back and forth between your moth...uh....George and I, in the ebay thread this morning - http://forums.icejer...ic=3497&st=1640


Things got pretty heated for a while there, and we both said some things that we probably didn't mean. Sometimes when gown-ups get angry with each other, they say things they regret later. But I think it's important for all of you to realize that it's not your fault.


Say it with me, kids - "It's not my fault!"

Good, that's better.

So, during our back and forth, your mo....er....George had pointed out that I'm a sarcastic pricck who thinks he's king of the world when it comes to jersey collecting...which is pretty much true....bow down to me, please, then call me a pricck...but he also pointed out that several of you had taken notice to my poor attitude (apparently).

While reflecting upon this, I looked at a few recent incidents where I probably came accross as this self righteous, duush, a-hole, that George is so kindly refering to-

Yesterday, in the IS IT GOOD OR NOT thread, I corrected Mike who had completely, ERRONEOUSLY (you're so stupid, Mike) stated that the Jets wore twill since their debut.

As well, a few weeks or so ago, Frank had posted information stating that Gretz had started wearing double CCMs in '88-89 (which he did in his debut), and I showed pics of him wearing a single CCM during that season. YAY, we were both right!!!

In both of these scenarios I directly contradicted a board member's information, and in doing so I was able to inflate my ego 10 fold (it's the source of my power). That said, I had no intention of offending either member (I consider them both friends, and I've dealt with both for a while now), but I can see how Frank might have gotten upset if I was rude at all. Mike's pretty much just a super-sensitive meat-head, BUT THAT'S NO EXCUSE, and I should recognize that I need to be nicer to both of them (and all of you).

In George's case, it would appear the combination of misinterpretation, and holding a grudge from our first disagreement (postal strike crap), angered him enough to slander my good name. With the way I scalded him though, it was warranted -


I generally try and give a disclaimer here and there, like I did this morning -

Oh well, I suppose you can all come to your own conclusion, but based on what I've heard, I don't think he altered it at all, and I don't think he's out to screw anyone....is my two cents

but I guess sometimes it's not good enough.

So, all this to say, despite how stupid this post probably is, I SINCERELY want to apologize to Mike, George, Frank, and any one else I may have offended along the way.

I can (and will) dish it out with the best of them, not to mention the self deprecation (posted this yesterday, and chased Wrangler away in the proces) -


In light of all this, I feel a dislaimer is needed because we ALL deserve respect, and 'cause most of us don't even know each other outside of the digital jersey collector's realm, and I'm sure, at least to some extent, we're all pretty good peeps -

1 - If ever I respond to a post of yours refuting your information, contradicting what you've said, or flat our telling you you're wrong, PLEASE don't take it personally (under any circumstance). 9 times out of 10, I'm only refuting the information regarding the jersey, not trying to attack you, and that 10th time, I'm just being an Arse, purposely, so take it for what it's worth; nothing.

2 - That said, there's no excuse for me being an a-hole. So, while it may not have been my intention, if I do offend you, please take the time to PM me and we'll see if we can work it out. Please don't call me out (or anyone else, for that matter) by trying to tell me that everyone here agrees that I'm an a-hole. I already know I am, and you telling me in front of everyone that everyone here thinks I am, will probably not get us anywhere.

3 - Feel free to add to the conversation on the boards, even when you're uncertain (rookie or legend). If wrong, someone will most likely correct you, and you will have learned something. If you're right, you will have helped others out and you will receive a great sense of satisfaction for having done so...and maybe, just maybe, you'll have taken me down a peg, and that's the most important lesson of all ;)

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That's big of you to offer the apology (not to mention its a really funny post, with the pictures and all!)

I'm just a Rookie, and don't know much of anything, but I'm starting to run into these types of misunderstandings/blow ups on eBay as I start to buy jerseys and ask questions of sellers. Heck, I had to make an apology to a seller myself just last week. It seems to me that we often forget the limitations of the technology. Email and postings really don't convey the nuance, humour, attitude, etc. of what we are trying to say so these things happen I guess.

Great thing is this forum seems pretty full of knowledgeable folks just trying to help each other, so let's all grab a virtual beer and wash this one under the bridge.

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Here's my 2 cents which will bring the pot total to $0.16 and counting....

Great "debates" have a higher purpose which we all can agree is the knowledge that comes from them.

Both George and Chris (Sungod and Slim) are great to deal with, and have awesome collections and tons of hockey knowledge.

It's because of that passion that makes us all smarter and more knowledgeable when collectors have differences of opinion as this usually gives us other explanations and things to think about instead of conforming to 1 idea and nothing outside of it.

Case in point. I checked out the North Stars jersey and something stood out to me pretty quickly.

From MY opinion and perspective it looks like an 04-84 (April 1984) issued jersey from CCM. They had the Blue and Red patch with the * beside the "M" (CCM*) as a patch sewn onto the jersey. I also THINK the fight strap is correct for the jersey. An Example is the 1984-85 season the Vancouver Canucks wore this same style on the last year of the Flying V's on the on ice gamers. They were one of a few teams to have velcro snap style fight straps. Other teams from the same year had the older long loop straps. There are ALSO retail authentics for the canucks that year that had the loop straps. So it is very possible that the North Stars is suppossed and does indeed have an original velcro strap.

Based on the CCM hem, the gusseting, the neck tags, the double elbow stitching, and the fight strap, I personally felt it was a Legit Pro jersey.

I of course could be wrong too! But at least by sharing our thoughts we all learn.

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It's because of that passion that makes us all smarter and more knowledgeable when collectors have differences of opinion as this usually gives us other explanations and things to think about instead of conforming to 1 idea and nothing outside of it.

Jeez, and I thought I was overthinking it...it's because I had sand in my vaginna, plain and simple.

Good to know about the 'nucks jerseys. Truly a giant hodge podge back then.

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Hey bud,

No need to apologize to me.....I don't take anything on a public forum seriously.....

I just find it funny that you made George the woman.....way to sneak that one in there.....

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.....way to sneak that one in there.....

I don't know that I 'snuck' it in there, but I couldnt' find a pic of two guys going at it like that....well, none that didn't have both of 'em wearing high heels, anyways...sorry George (again)

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i appreciate making me look like a chick in a denim skirt! when is the last time someone saw a women in a denim skirt?

Slim its all good i wasn't upset,

not to rehash the argument but i have a 1084-85 mats naslund ccm jersey with the exact same ccm patch and it has the double ribbon fight strap i was really going off that and the fact on classic theres a 84-85 and 85-86 north stars with the double ribbon so pretty sure the north stars used the double loop. so i am sure the fight strap is incorrect ,that being said i still am not sure about the rest the fight strap could have been added later. OK OK I WILL STOP lol

good post no worries slim ill take you back like always do and i also apologize for letting it get a little out of hand.

One last thing can i be the guy next time?

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LOL, very entertaining apology.

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