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(Tutorial Video Series) Customizing Your Own Jersey: Sewing Lettering Kits

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Hey all,

As mentioned in my post on Reddit I've been seeing a bunch of questions this summer on sewing a lettering kit or patch down to a jersey, what machine to buy, tips on how to actually sew...so I figured I'd start a series of tutorials while I'm in the process currently of sewing a bunch of kits myself (shout out to @TMLFAN). Hopefully these become a valuable resource for people out there to reference in the future if anyone else decides to go down this path.  There are plenty of you on the forum here that are probably even more skilled than I am, so please help call out anything I might be misstating or missing.  Also, any other tips or tricks that I could add, just let me know!

These videos DO NOT cover creating the actual lettering kit. I do not have that equipment, skill or know-how.  Even if I did, I would not be interested in damaging the work any of you do on the side by advertising your workflows.

In the video description on YouTube you can find links to some of the tools I mention in this first video.  Shameless plug for our resident celebrity author about half way through. 😅

I'll post each video in the series as I can get them filmed and uploaded over the next few weeks....here is a rough outline of what I intend to create (let me know if there's something else you'd like to see covered):

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