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  1. Yea, that's it. A lot of carry-over from Reddit, but also a lot of different faces. It's actually a really great core group! The "Projects" channel is full of great guys constantly working on jerseys they bring in and touch up.
  2. Yea, this is really sad to see. The fact that I found this only 2 years after it started is hard to believe...it had such a vibrant community already built by the time I found it. Very impressive. I'm going to miss this forum so much. It's literally the first source I found/joined upon starting to collect. "End of an era" as they say. Thanks to everyone who's helped me along the way here. Made a lot of great friends over the years.... Back to The Jersey Page we go! Also, another avenue some of you might not mind is Hockey Jersey discord group. There are a TON of people on the
  3. Glad you guys said as much. I would have missed the announcement thread.
  4. Thanks! Try out Flickr. It really is the best of the best. Copy the share link directly into the reply field and it automatically puts the image itself right in.
  5. I have repeatedly said lately that I'm not huge into international or ASG jerseys...but clearly in the last few months that's not being super honest as I have 3 more than I ever planned to: Mario 90 ASG that I got recently from a local friend I've made in the past year. Was doing some sewing work for him, saw that it was a size 44 and asked his plans for it. Figured if I was going to have an ASG, the Pittsburgh game was it. Threw on an authentic ASG patch and here we go: I'm more into international jerseys than ASG, and this was at the very top of my list if I could fi
  6. That Jets jersey really is super sharp. I love the single layer fonts. Also the curved name plate. That's pretty unique, isn't it?
  7. Oooo, I like the "name plate" being on the chest.
  8. What a last name. That is EPIC. hahaha Like that design a lot, and with that last name. What a keeper.
  9. Anyone have scrap of Edge 1.0 material that is NOT the material on the back panel? I need the soft stuff for a white Pens jersey. Basically I guess I'm hoping someone has sacrificed a jersey for some reason.
  10. Anyone have an authentic 2004 World Cup of Hockey patch?
  11. Which one? Two Mario bombs dropped on the same page! 😅
  12. I can't believe I didn't post this around New Year when I finished the project.... I shared the jersey itself maybe a year and a half ago when I shared how I had three different authentic CCM & Sandow jerseys that had sewn on crests instead of the proper screen printed version. Drew the accurate logo in Illustrator and had a local shop screen print for me. Anyways, finally got the kit ordered this year and pressed it down right as my Christmas vacation was ending before heading back to work again. Lemieux Rookie. Still would LOVE to find both a white and "Sunday Gold" to add t
  13. Yea, very faithful to the gamer! Bit more obvious on this one I think, being a 48 rather than a 54 or whatever. https://www.penguinschronicles.com/1988-89-mario-lemieux-home-game-worn-jersey.html
  14. Got some of this recently. No puck marks to test it on, but for blood/ketchup/sauce stains it is AMAZING on white jerseys.
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