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  1. Which one? Two Mario bombs dropped on the same page! 😅
  2. I can't believe I didn't post this around New Year when I finished the project.... I shared the jersey itself maybe a year and a half ago when I shared how I had three different authentic CCM & Sandow jerseys that had sewn on crests instead of the proper screen printed version. Drew the accurate logo in Illustrator and had a local shop screen print for me. Anyways, finally got the kit ordered this year and pressed it down right as my Christmas vacation was ending before heading back to work again. Lemieux Rookie. Still would LOVE to find both a white and "Sunday Gold" to add t
  3. Yea, very faithful to the gamer! Bit more obvious on this one I think, being a 48 rather than a 54 or whatever. https://www.penguinschronicles.com/1988-89-mario-lemieux-home-game-worn-jersey.html
  4. Got some of this recently. No puck marks to test it on, but for blood/ketchup/sauce stains it is AMAZING on white jerseys.
  5. Been after this guy for quite some time. Thank you to a buddy here for finally giving me a chance at it! Thank you, friend. 88-89 jersey modeled after the "5 goals, 5 ways" New Years Eve 1988 game where Mario tallied 8 points total. I love the 87-88 airknit set, but that mean skating penguin with the black collar and sleek, black "C" is just so bold and sharp looking. Instant entry to my top 5.
  6. I think you made a good point here - if you look at where the diagonal ends on one jersey vs the other, that could be part of the problem for sure. Name letters are of course way different; you only need to compare letter size to the shoulder patch to see that. Speaking of comparing to other known dimensions, if you compare the bottom loop of the one 5 on each jersey, it matches up to the same point measurement wise on the diagonal stripe. It might also be a bit deceptive that yours is laid out flat, while the white one is hanging, which makes the jersey look smaller and perhaps the num
  7. That's the worst part of the Adi jerseys. They give dudes a pear shape, and it's super unattractive. I've found if I drop to a 44 that it hides most of that flare-out though. Suzuki sure is a find though so far, huh?
  8. Accepting trade offers for this size 44 Coffey. Authentic, vintage ASG patch. Kit by Keener, sewed by me. Shoulder to shoulder Ultrafil nameplate as used that season. Immaculate condition. Looking for 1980's or earlier Pens jerseys, or a black Starter mesh "PITTSBURGH" perhaps in return. May accept cash offer, but you'd have to blow me away I think.
  9. Got this one in a few weeks ago. Practice issued, though not worn. Couldn't pass it up though, for such a player in a style I would have had to pay quite a lot for simply for an Adi "authentic". This style is so sick. If I could get his matching black worn jersey I'd be so pumped.
  10. Anyone have white ultrafil? I need one wide enough to hit shoulder to shoulder on a size 54. Can get exact dimensions soon-ish.
  11. That thing is really bold looking. What kind of sponsorship patches? Also, where do you find a born on date on those? Hang tags?
  12. @perthisthereason you ever end up trying this? Edit: I did just a little bit ago and it worked perfectly, at least for flattening out a crease! Great suggestion @zilch!
  13. @spudrock512 did you ever get an answer to this, or try it yourself (re: ironing vinyl to flatten/re-apply)? Edit: I just tried using some parchment paper (for baking) after I remembered seeing a suggestion for it on here years ago. Turned on the iron, put the parchment paper between the numbers and the iron and I was golden. Also worked to help seal down a few numbers of other jerseys where the edge was pulling up. I only turned the iron to maybe half heat and kept it on in short bursts.
  14. So this is going to be pretty niche, but it's something I've been hunting for a while. I happened to be at this game last Dec with my team from work (that may or may not be the company that auctioned the jerseys) & with the added bonus of the proceeds going to the Sports Matter foundation to support underfunded youth sports teams across the US, I'm extremely pumped to land this. Obviously Murray is gone now, but this was a great grab for the price, auto & all. I'm not into gamers usually, but I'll make an exception for this one. Being a size 46 usually....LOL when I put this thing
  15. Thanks to @cjerina for the Admirals nameplate a few years ago. I realized last week when I started working on this that I never messaged you a photo back on this to know if it was a good match. I'd say 99% accurate, if you ask me, and I'm more than comfortable with it! Full album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmS2GxL5
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