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  1. Totally agree! I fully intended to help contribute, but work has been asinine. By the time I got around to it you appeared to have most of my sizing. This week should allow me to go back though and see if I have anything you don't though.
  2. Very happy to finish working on this project. Been a long one of stripping crap off, cleaning, waiting for a kit & finally sewing it all down. 😍
  3. I haven't, actually - it's something I only really set my sights on in the past few weeks. Pretty much when I saw your Lemieux right before it sold. Crap timing on my part, but such is life I guess. hah Kicking around the idea of Coffey, but want ultimately want Mario instead.
  4. Montreal is interesting.
  5. Feel the same about the Pens. Might change my mind once in hand, but I'm not feeling it much. Very bland with so much white and just the mix of colors feels weird on such a white jersey. As you mention, I'll still buy it.... lol
  6. Workin my way through these kits... 98-99 Jagr & 2001-02 Mario Alt:
  7. Oh, those Dallas practice jerseys are cool.
  8. Thrilled to finish this one up. 1998-99 Jagr Starter mesh jersey, autographed. Kit by @TMLFAN Wasn't until I got the back numbers on that I realized I put the nameplate on slightly crooked. Have to fix that here some day... 🙃 https://flic.kr/s/aHsmQUz74d
  9. I haven't owned any long enough to know how well this holds true, but I think the biggest trick is to just not wash/dry as you mention. I only ever hand/spot wash the ones I own that have it. The rest I guess we'll see as time goes on. Perhaps try to keep away from direct sunlight? I'd assume the repeated washes are why the gamers start to flake so terribly. Surely we can't expect the vinyl to last forever, but you'd think with little additional wear they still should last a good long time. Spot ironing should help - unless anyone else here disagrees - so long as you put a barrie
  10. Hey all, As mentioned in my post on Reddit I've been seeing a bunch of questions this summer on sewing a lettering kit or patch down to a jersey, what machine to buy, tips on how to actually sew...so I figured I'd start a series of tutorials while I'm in the process currently of sewing a bunch of kits myself (shout out to @TMLFAN). Hopefully these become a valuable resource for people out there to reference in the future if anyone else decides to go down this path. There are plenty of you on the forum here that are probably even more skilled than I am, so please help call out anything I
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