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Place to buy NHL.com/Adidas fake dual layer numbers?


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Last month I stripped a few jerseys to send off to CSL. One of the jerseys I stripped was a single layer ‘6’ so I sent in a blank practice jersey I play in to have them sew it on as a ‘9’. Then I started to think about my other practice jerseys. I have one with a really nice dual layer ‘9’ kit, but now it seems almost too nice to play in. Rather than sewing on proper dual layer numbers, I thought why not use the fake dual layer numbers that get put on premier/ indo-zero jerseys? Question is, where do I find them? 


Specifically looking for the Blackhawks block style for a white jersey (black with red outline) and a black jersey (white with red outline) and the white WCOH jersey style (perforated red with navy outline).


*edit* by fake dual layer, I mean these


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25 minutes ago, slimcutta said:

I'm not quite sure...but I can tell you that when sewing, always remember pattern placement is key


Slim’s “bed-worn” pajamas...

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