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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice. I can get a reebok premier parise jersey for a very good price. Thing is, I want to get it so I can strip the name off and put a HALL nameplate on it. 

My brother recently got a hall oilers reebok premier jersey from lids, and from the looks of that one the nameplate seems glued onto the jersey without any stitching going through the actual fabric to the inside of the jersey. 

I was wondering if the parise jersey is like that, is the glued nameplate easy to take off? Any recommendations on how to go about this? Also, I believe the parise nameplate will be longer than the hall nameplate, so will any residue be visible on the sides of the hall nameplate once I put it? 

Thanks so much for the advice. 


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The parise jersey is from eBay from a seller called "full moon jerseys" https://www.ebay.ca/itm/201186815178 

I messaged the seller and he told me that on the Parise jersey the nameplate is stitched on. That's why I'm puzzled. My brother bought the oilers jersey from Lids, so it cannot be a fake, but I don't understand why on that one it is glued on and here it is stitched. The hall nameplate on the oilers jersey does have stitching around it, but that stitching doesn't pass into the interior of the jersey, so it really is a glued on patch. 

Even when it is stitched, is there usually an adhesive behind the nameplate in addition to the stitching? How would one take this off without leaving residue? 

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Nameplates that are stitched to the back of the jersey usually will have some amount of adhesive applied to them, but that amount can vary quite a bit, depending on who did the customization.  You probably won't know how much adhesive was used until you see the jersey and try to remove the nameplate.  You could try messaging the seller again and ask them to pinch the fabric behind the nameplate and see if it separates from the nameplate.  If it's pretty loose, it will probably be an easy job, but if the jersey fabric seems very stiff and won't separate at all, it may be glued down pretty tight.  I would probably expect the latter, if it's a jersey that was pre-customized at the Reebok factory.  In the event that you remove the nameplate and there is a considerable amount of residue left on the jersey, you can try heating the residue with an iron, with a clean layer of fabric between (old t-shirt you don't need, or something similar), and very often the adhesive will soften and come off after heat application.  If that doesn't work, you may have to resort to solvents like acetone, or adhesive-removing chemicals like Goof-Off.

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How a jersey is customized has nothing to do with whether it's fake or not. A real jersey can be given crap customization (pre-customized replicas often don't get accurate customization), and a fake jersey can get real customization. 

As far as the rest goes, LAK laid that out for you already. 

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