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help with 90-91 Penguins numbers


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What should the proper length be for the outlined section of the rear number 6 in the image below.

I know mine is too long for that era and plan on cutting it down to proper length, just need to know what that would be for the gold part and the white.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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On a kit I made that I drew off the classic auction gamer.  I have 2.55 inches from the top of the number (gold layer) to the end of the gold layer.  Then the space of the white layering is .25.

This is based off a 12 inch back number (total height). 

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Yes i am looking for measurements.

Want to get mine as accurate as possible.

Can anyone else confirm the measurements TMLFAN has provided?

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Yup, every kit Keener made for me matched that exactly at the top of the "6" like your asking about.

The overall height of the number on the gold layer on mine are 11 5/8", white number are about 12 1/8" tall.

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ok great!

thanks everyone for the help.  The existing kit was not a Keener made kit, I purchased the jersey with the existing name/number kit.

Having them replaced except the back numbers solely because one back 6 is signed, otherwise I would have stripped the whole thing.

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