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Traitorous swine!

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As I sit on a beautiful sunny Saturday stripping my latest purchase of a Red Nike Hawks jersey that once was adorned with #7 Chris Chelios,

I think to myself, man... I've stripped quite a few Chelios Hawks jerseys which lead me to starting this thread,   

When I was in my late teens / early 20's the Hawks had some real fan favorites like Belfour, Roenick, Larmer, Graham, Goulet, Grimson, Hasek, Matteau, Smith, Savard,............... and Chelios.

Players leave, I get that, but of all the great players to come along only one of those players left the team and went to our direct hated rival, the Red Wings, he played there longer than he did with the Hawks and even won them a cup forever tarnishing all that he did in a Hawks uniform in my eyes. (He really was an exciting player to watch and claimed Chicago as his hometown so he knew the hatred) 
When he comes back on nights to be honored by the team I am among the masses that boo until he ducks back up to his sky box with his tail between his legs.  

So my question, what player broke your heart and you still aren't over it to the point of stripping jerseys and booing?



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