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CCM Authentic On Ice Game Jerseys


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Hi guys

I am after some information.

I am from the UK and when I was younger used to play hockey. When I traveled to Canada or the USA in my teens I bought a few CCM jerseys. I'm posting to see if they may have some value.

I have a Gretsky white oilers made in Canada CCM center ice size 52 jersey.

a Messier Rangers CCM center ice size 48 jersey and a Lindros CCM center ice size 52

All star game jersey.

Any information or feed back would be appreciated.

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Yes they are a bit cliche but I was in my teens.

I think the Gretsky and Messier we bought in the mid 90s and the Lindros was from the 2000 All star game.

All are like brand new with all labels attached if that helps.

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The Gretzky would be a tough sell because he never wore a CCM while playing in Edmonton. With that being said, you don't see many early 90's Oilers jerseys, so someone might buy it for a strip job. Tough call on a value.

The Messier is pretty common and not very rare. It it's customized proporly, you could probably get around $200 for it.

The Lindros would probably be around the same. Those early 2000 style AS jerseys don't fetch much.

It all depends on if they're customized correctly, compared to game worn jerseys.

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Go post pictures in the 'what's it worth' thread in the how-to forum. That's where a topic like this belongs, and it's where you'll be more likely to get answers instead of a locked thread.


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