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Folding your jerseys

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So you've sold a hockey jersey on eBay. Great! Now what? How do I get the jersey to the buyer without the crests and/or numbers creasing? I'm sure that everyone of us has come across this problem at some time or another whether it be as a buyer or a seller. Nobody wants to open the package and find a big old dent through their Habs logo or along the 8 on the back of their Caps jersey. Well, I'm gonna show you how to fold your jerseys properly into a neat little package WITHOUT fear or any creases or folds. Ready? Here we go!

Step 1: Select your jersey(yes, this is the first step! What if you chose the wrong jersey for shipment? Then you're in big trouble.).


Step 2: Lay your jersey face down on its front with the arms stretched out to the sides.


Step 3: Take either one of the arms and fold it in across the back going all the way to the other arms seam. If your jersey is tagged, bring the arm over until you get to the first portion of the number, making sure the numbers stay flat.


Step 4: Take the other arm and do the same; folding it across the back until reaching the seam OR the edge of the number. By now, you should have a rectangular shape with all your numbers lying flat.


Step 5: Find the small portion of material at the very edge of the jersey. Take about two inches of this small piece and fold it over into the jersey, again making sure that your numbers are still flat.


Step 6: Do the exact same thing on the other side of the jersey. Fold in just enough so you get right to the edge of the number.


Step 7: Next, take the top portion of the jersey and fold it up onto the back, using either the front crest or the back numbers as a guide. Bring it up enough to just see the edge of either. Obviously, in cases of smaller crests, use your judgement.


Step 8: Finally, fold this piece up again evenly with the rest of the jersey that's left. This will ensure that your crest is now relatively centered and flat while the numbers also remain flat in the back.


There you go! You're ready to ship that baby without any mishaps along the way.

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Wait, what? What about jerseys with shoulder crests you say? I got you covered!

Step 1: The procedure is basically the same with a few differences.


Step 2: This time, when folding the arms, bring it to the edge of the shoulder crest.


Step 3: Do the same with the other arm, folding to the edge of the crest.


Step 4: Now, using the crest as a guide, fold the small portion in so the entire crest is inside the fold but still remaining flat.


Step 5: Repeat the same on the other side, making sure the crests are still flat.


Step 6: Grabbing the shoulder crest portions in your hands, fold upward to the edge of the chest crest.


Step 7: Even up your last fold and you are good to go.


There you have it. Using this method will give your customers one less thing to complain about. I've been doing this since I sold my first jersey and I haven't had one complaint about a creased crest. Now, go forth and impart this knowledge on others!

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As elementary as this post seems, it is good info for those people who like to fold jerseys up incorrectly so that the fit into the "small" sized USPS Priority Mail boxes... I HATE when I receive a jersey that has been all mashed up to fit into one of those tiny boxes. And don't even get me started on the folks who ship jerseys in bags rather than boxes... :fight:



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Thanks for this thread -- very handy!

Now -- can anyone point me to some instructions for how to fold jerseys for presentation? I see all you guys taking great photos of well-folded jerseys primed for display -- whereas the jerseys in my photos are a wrinkled, crooked mess. Any tips?

Whoa, tis a thread back from the dead... :o

That said, the more you can light your photos from above, the flatter the light, the less it will show the wrinkles. This means use an on camera flash and aim straight down at your jerseys.

If you have to use a side light, it will rake across your jersey and brighten the side of any wrinkles facing the light, and shadows on the side away from the light. That contrast will only enhance the wrinkles.

If you must use window light, put a WHITE sheet over it or close the blinds to soften the light. You can also put a sheet or white surface (art board, large white box, hang a sheet) to reflect light back into the shadow side of the shot to again even out the light as much as possible.

Your best bet is still a flash straight at the jersey.

I just fold mine down so the sleeve cuffs are near the waist, depending on the location of any shoulder patches and sleeve numbers.

Here's an example, which shows how lighting from above and shooting straight down flattens the wrinkles.


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Does anyone know how to get creases out of numbers? I'm scared to take a iron to it...seems like a bad thing to do IMO.

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Turn it inside out and then iron that spot underneath a white t-shirt. That will usually get any wrinkles out of the twill. It works on dented crests too.

Holy crap, I made this almost four years ago?? Wow. I don't even have those two jerseys anymore!

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Does anyone know how to get creases out of numbers? I'm scared to take a iron to it...seems like a bad thing to do IMO.

Others may have better tips, but I've used an iron on "steam" setting and put a t-shirt between the iron and the jersey. I also normally try to iron from the inside of the jersey first to see if that works. The t-shirt is key as you don't want to burn the twill of the numbers.

edit: mike beat me by a minute ... I need to type faster :D

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Thanks guys! I let a friend borrow one of my jerseys and it came back to me folded like a regular tshirt. Thought I was about choke someone. :angry:

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Do you really have all of those blue thrasher sweaters?

LOL Nooooo. I have Peverley, Kane and Oduya. I'll be getting Pavelec's and hopefully Burmi's next month. I'm waiting to see what Ladd does in contract talks, same with Buff.

The second jersey set are the jerseys I want. (Toby's is supposed to be his Team Sweden jersey) :)

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I should probably clarify what set is which in my signature anyway.

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ij.com beer's guy,

Thanks for all the photos of folding a jersey. I was having issues with this!

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New to this board. Been lurking for a while. Hi everyone!

This sort of thing is exactly why I signed up. Fantastic resource.

Thank you.

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