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Help me decide on which jersey...


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I was fortunate to get a good bonus from work so I can get an authentic jersey, but which one should I get? I've spent the whole weekend mulling, so I decided to let the community help me out.

The choices:

1. Avalanche 3rd jersey this year: really love the look of the new logo and the colours

2. Avalanche SS jersey: I didn't think I'd like it, but it's grown on me more and more.

I'd buy both ideally, but the 2nd jersey I was going to get was either going to be a Crosby authentic retro or an all star Gaudreau

Thanks for the advice in advance :)

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Avs 3rd, no doubt. Was not a fan of the SS jerseys, and that was reaffirmed last night. I don't think they looked very good.

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If you're answer isn't "BOTH!", you don't belong here. :P

The stadium series jerseys were meh, but it's your money. If you actually plan on really wearing it much, you may want to stick with the alternate so it doesn't show as much dirt. If you spill anything on a white jersey, you will most likely be very very upset.

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