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Educate me on MeiGray's Population Report


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I'm looking to add a Devils game worn to my collection, and I found an alleged game worn that I suspect is fake. I determined this by taking the MeiGray tag number on the jersey and checking it against the Population Report, and it's not there.

Is that pretty much all I need to see? Is there some other way (other than photo matching) that I should be using?

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What year and tag and jersey you looking at?

They also have non-program and minors jerseys listed on there that they authenticate but not listed on the population report. Difference in serial # is that program jerseys start with a letter while non-programs/minors start with a number.

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I would check the population report for that serial number and that year. If it's not there, it doesn't necessarily mean it's fake. It could have just been an error, or a team/game issued that never had the tagging removed.

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