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  1. Since it has been a while since anyone posted in this thread and even longer since I posted in here, below are my latest pickups since my last post: Wayne Simmonds 2019-20 Red set 1 - relatively light wear for a guy who plays with the edge he does. Martin Havlat 2014-15 white set 2 - Photomatched with some light-ish wear. Ryane Clowe 2013-14 white set 3 - Light wear on this one as well Jack Hughes 2020-21 white set 2 - Worn in one game on 4/25/21 in Philly. Photomatched.
  2. This is absolutely spot on. IIRC, Discord was originally created for gamers to live chat with each other while gaming. It really is a pain to follow when a server has literally 1000+ users and dozens of different channels within the server. I find Reddit frustrating as well. Even non-jersey collecting reddit doesn't appeal to me all that much for the exact same reasons as you posted. Not only that, but due to the upvoting feature a lot of nonsense gets constantly kicked to the top. It's funny how 10 or so years ago forums were still very much a thing but now they have become prac
  3. And now I am being partially blamed for the reddit crowd not buying it. https://www.reddit.com/r/hockeyjerseys/comments/osp3hb/an_update_on_the_ijf_purchase/
  4. The issue I have with Discord is just how the platform is. Discord works well if you have a small group of people (probably less than 100) but when you have thousands of users on the server, it can get hard to follow due to the nature of it. It sorta forces you to constantly check it to keep up no matter how many channels are on the server. Not only that but having so many channels to track is an issue by itself. I am on a few discord servers and typically the smaller they are, the better it works. On the ones that I am in with hundreds or even thousands of users, I tend to spend my time
  5. Depends on what they do with it. I know this forum has a reputation over there as being a bunch of jersey snobs. I mean that is 100% correct but I have a feeling there will be an attempt to make this more of an extension of reddit than keeping it as-is with a new ownership label slapped on.
  6. He registered here a little over 2 years ago, has 53 posts and hasn't posted on here in over a year as I am writing this post. Part of the continued appeal of this forum for a lot of the remaining members is that it is not FB, reddit, or discord. Having it open as an extension of reddit will kill the experience for myself and I can imagine at least more than a few regulars. I also really do not get the angle of why they want to buy this place either. As I said previously, 98% (probably 99%) don't even care that much about accuracy as much as we do on here and a lot of information t
  7. Since I am still banned from hockeyjerseys reddit AFAIK, it doesn't make a difference to me either way. The information that is here has already largely been copied over into the hockeyjerseys forum. The list of past and present team customizers is an example. Plus, what information would a community where 98% are more interested in obtaining their "grail" replica jerseys and completing their 31/31 replica series care about the precision that members of this forum are more known for? I guess that 2% would care, but mfitz backup forum more than fits the need going forward.
  8. Apparently, the hockeyjerseys reddit folks are trying to pool money together to buy this forum. If that happens, I am permanently out of here.
  9. I joined back in November of 2012 and can't believe it has been that long. It has been a fun 8.5 years on here with all of you and sad to see the end is coming. Forums just seem to be a dying breed but I still prefer them to either Reddit or FB. I hope the backup page provides some sort of relief for most of us and hopefully we can build that one up over time.
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