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  1. Really? I held one once in the Devils Den team store and I thought that at least the material was better. I would take the better material and build over the double elbows and fight strap any day.
  2. Didn't Adidas sell the MiC Parley jerseys to the public when the SJ ASG happened a couple years back? If so, this may be a good sign that there is a chance Adidas will do the same thing with authentics going forward.
  3. I am not even sure if their goal is to drive the market down. I think they are just talking out of their Arse.
  4. Thank god you guys do. I mostly see it in the game worn groups these days. It's always been around but now I am seeing pretty consistently.
  5. The amount of I guess you can call "price shaming" in these groups has just gone to hell over the past year. And 99% of the time it is from people I have never or hardly ever post before. What's wrong if not liking the price to just moving on?
  6. Johnny Oduya 2006-07 red set 3 / playoffs game worn jersey. Photomatched to the small mark on the crest to game 1 of the 2007 round 1 series against the Lightning. Some light but noticeable wear. Nice rookie year gamer with the Devils 25th patch.
  7. I actually came really close to being a Rangers fan very early on. First NHL game was a Devils game in late 1989 and between then and when we got our first year of season tickets in 1991-92 I almost became a Rangers fan. It is mostly because MSG was on basic cable while SportsChannel required a cable box from TKR cable that few had. Hell we didn't get SportsChannel until the 92-93 season and we only had it on one TV in the basement. That 92-93 season I watched almost as much Rangers games as Devils games even though I was firmly a Devils fan by then.
  8. If I was a Coyotes fan I would definitely get an old Kachina jersey and put Gartner on it. One of my favorite all-time non-Devil players. I remember watching him as a Ranger and whenever he went on a breakaway you knew that it was basically guaranteed to be a goal. Out of all the 700+ goal scorers in NHL history, he is easily the most underppreciated.
  9. Devilsguy

    eBay version 4.0

    But it has blood stains on the front! (I can't imagine what those really are and if they are blood....yikes)
  10. Yeah they're pretty big, but awesome jerseys. Congrats!
  11. Maybe, but the fact that he only had 1 red set 3 makes me think that may not be the case either.
  12. I don't think so. Between regular season and playoffs he played 9 games between those two jerseys. I mean this one does have good wear for such a short window so it is possible, but I would think it is unlikely.
  13. I see this being used on ebay a lot these days. I search "authentic devils jersey" and I get a ton of replicas in the results.
  14. The Rangers game that I was able to match this jersey to is the game where he scored the goal. So I feel fortunate. It looks like both white jerseys were the same size, so it looks like it was not a sizing issue. It could be a situation where he changes jerseys in between periods like some players do, but I don't have any confirmation either way. Plus he only wore 1 red set 3 / playoff jersey, so that explanation is tenuous at best.
  15. I have always heard pro-stock for team-owned blanks. I only started seeing Team issued in the past few years. Weird lol maybe I wasn't paying too much attention. I still think team issued is a bad term for them. As collectors, we can tell the difference but people coming into the hobby for the first time I can see them being confused. The way I see it, while they were owned by the team they were never really issued to anything or anyone. Issued is key term and I think that implies that the jersey had a specific purpose. Pro stock to me sounds like it was owned by the team and that's
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